Programmers with a trading background Wanted

9999 EUR  Payment method:  Direct Payment

Programmers with a trading background to develop and distribute C# trading tools on our marketplace

About us:
PoshTrader Ltd is an Estonia based fintech company providing programming services and a marketplace where you can sell and buy trading tools. -

Job details:
We're looking for freelance developers with a trading background to contribute to our ecosystem.

- Deliverables include but are not limited to indicators, automated strategies, add-ons
- Experience with cTrader, NinjaTrader 8, MultiCharts .NET or any other C# trading platform
- Experience with the trading industry

We're offering a marketplace where you can sell your products backed by subscription models and product licensing to protect from unauthorized distribution and increase your sales. With our easy-to-implement licensing library, you can truly focus on what you love and start earning immediately. We will take care of marketing, traffic, and distribution for you.

- Earn 60%-85% of total sales
- Tiered commission rates
- Piracy protection
- Licensing system
- Author dashboard
- Technical support

See our documentation to better understand how it works:

- Automation
- API Integration
- Scripting
- C#
- cAlgo
- cTrader


Company: Poshtrader Ltd
Registration number: 14644095
LEI Code: 984500B8FA2C7FDA8773

Phone: (372) 55 12 234

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