cbot on multiple assets when spread sum is = or <

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I need a cbot able to open 2 or more orders in the same momement on different assets only if their spreads sum is equal or lower than a given value.
The cbot, for instace, is to be able to open (and I have to be able to select):
i.e. EUR/USD with direction (buy or sell) and volume
i.e. GBP/CHF with direction (buy or sell) and volume
but the orders have to be sent (together) only if the sum of these assets spread is equal or lower than 0.5 pips.

Two points:
1) will be the bot so fast to send the orders without a significant variation in spread?
2) as far as I know, the cbots are attached to 1 chart, in this case, being a bot working on a variety of assets, how will work?

Hi. I can do that.

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Dear cuantumalgoritm, 

1) Spreads change every tick, that's the higher step a robot can work.The speed of each tick depends on the pair and the time of the day. Each tick, if the conditions are fulfilled, the bot will send a request to the server, then the server accept it, and then the order is executed, the speed of all these movements will depend on your internet service and on the city where your brockers server is placed. 

2) It is very possible to start a cbot in one chart and make it work with the present asset or any other.

I will be developing a similar cbot for cTrader, if you are still interested you can contact me

Best regards, Maria