MACD Crossover + EMA Bot

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I have coded my first bot however I need someone to double check it and make sure what I want it to do... it does. 

The bot does work, but during back testing it has only been taking around 17 trades over a 12 month period which tells me it's not quite right as there should be a lot more trades happening with the parameters set. 

What it is meant to do...

>> Open a buy when 

  • (MACD) The MACD line crosses the SIGNAL line while they are BELOW the histogram 0 line
  • (EMA200) When the last bar closed is ABOVE the EMA200 line

A sell signal is the opposite, of course. 

I need someone to check the coding I have completed, potentially correct/improve it, and also let me know where I went wrong so I can learn from the mistake and understand why it happened. 

Hi. I can do that.


Whatsapp/Telegram: +34654115547


Thanks - I have emailed you