Buy/Sell Limit (pending order) to be modified auto

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I trade with my price action predictions. I always set a pending order (Buy/Sell Limit). Once the pending order is placed, I set the Stop Loss and Take profit levels at the same time.

Description for Buy/Sell Limit level:

As mentioned in the image, the pending order is placed as a buy limit at 30 EMA value which is 0.72 at time 12:00. As the market is bullish the 30 EMA value is also increasing accordingly. I want my pending order buy limit to get modified according to the price of 30 EMA, so when the price hits the 30 EMA level the order should get executed.

Alternate solution: The buy/sell limit can get modified/updated every 15mins/30mins according to the 30 Ema value at that time.

Take profit and Stop loss will remain the same as entered manually while placing the limit order.

Everything else in the trade will be taken care by me like if the order does not reach the 30 EMA and does not get executed the order will be cancelled by me manually later.

Hi. I can do that.


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Hi, good afternoon,

I can do it, i'll move your order according to your graph timeframe, if it's 5 minutes, i will use the timeframe to change the order from time to time!

According to what you need, the take profit and the stop loss will remain the same as the entry order changes according to the last value of the 30EMA.
I'm looking foward to work for you,

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