Build account monitor and a few other functions

100 USD  Payment method:  Direct Payment

Hi, I would like someone to build an account monitor for me with the following functions:

1. I can set a daily equity drawdown limit ( %) which if hit will lock me out from opening another trade until midnight server time.

2. Ability to create a statement spreadsheet which fills in all the following fields in the image attached. The stoploss field will be populated with the stoploss price when the position was first opened as well as the take profit. The highest price and lowest price values will require a little work as this is what i want: If I open a buy position and my take profit is hit I want to thren record the highest price 1 hour later after the position is closed. Reason for this is I want to see if I am setting my take profits to low. The opposite applies for a short position.

If I am in a buy position the lowest price will be the true lowest price while that position is open however there will be no 'time delay' in recording.

Hi. I can do that.


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I can get that done, to begin the project contact me at thanks.

This is Oksana from 4xdev. I am a member of the 4xdev development company, 
specialized in creating trading tools: custom indicators, EAs, scripts, bots, alerts, cAlgo, cBots, etc., with 5 years of experience.

I can help you. Please let me know if you are interested (

We offer the rate in the amount of $40 per hour, including the work of our programmers and QA-engineer.
The cost starts from $150 on average.

Looking forward to hearing from you.