Quarter Levels Indicator

100 USD  Payment method:  Direct Payment

Dear Programmers:

I have the source code available for an indicator I wish to improve on.
Below follow the details --


- Create an indicator which draws, predetermined, multiple horizontal levels
   on a chart.
- A flexible indicator with multiple settings, and computer hardware efficient
  (RAM, and memory).

- There are several problems with currently available horizontal levels indicators:

(1) Far too many lines appear on time frames: D, W, M;
   when the ‘pip steps’ are small. Rendering a chart – unreadable.
   It is less of a problem on time frames <= h4
See illustration:


(2) Higher value lines do not always over-write lower value lines on chart.

(3) Levels are different for different asset classes,
   due to the contract type, quotations, and lot sizes.

(4) In order to create multiple horizontal levels, one has to
   attach several of the same indicator to a chart.
   My recent experience is with several open charts on two (2) cTrader platforms.
   Having attached six (6) of the same indicator to a chart to achieve my goal.
   CPU usage increases by as much as 15% per platform.

The illustrations below demonstrate the solution to the problem described above:




- It is an improvement coding project.
- Delivery < 10 business days
- The source code upon completion
- Foreign Exchange is our focus for now


If you are interested in the project, I have available:

- A full specification sheet
- A chart demonstrating the problem
- Four charts (different time frames), demonstrating the solution
- A .algo file to demonstrate the amended code does work for time frames: D, W, M

If we proceed:

- The .cs source code file will be made available to the programmer.

I hope to hear from you soon; and if you do respond,
please write me a couple of paragraphs about your coding experiences.



Hi. I can do that.

Email: Bienve.pf@hotmail.com 

Whatsapp: +34654115547

Telegram: @bienvep


This is Mike from 4xdev. I am a member of the 4xdev development company,
specialized in creating trading tools: custom indicators, EAs, scripts, bots, alerts, cAlgo, cBots, etc., with 5 years of experience.

I can help you. Please let me know if you are interested (4xdev.team@gmail.com).
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We offer the rate in the amount of $40 per hour, including the work of our programmers and QA-engineer.
The cost starts from $150 on average.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Hi there,

We can help you with your project. You can contact us at contact@clickalgo.com for more information.

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