Modify cBot to run on multiple CPUs simultaneously

100 USD  Payment method:  Direct Payment

I have a cBot that I would like to backtest more quickly. However, the cBot does not utilise the full capabilities of the VPS CPUs.

This is Mike from 4xdev. I am a member of the 4xdev development company,
specialized in creating trading tools: custom indicators, EAs, scripts, bots, alerts, cAlgo, cBots, etc., with 5 years of experience.

I can help you. Please let me know if you are interested (
Telegram: @Fxdev_company
       WhatsApp: +380508146716
       Skype: +380508146716

We offer the rate in the amount of $40 per hour, including the work of our programmers and QA-engineer.
The cost starts from $150 on average.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

multiple CPUs or multiple cores?

could you please mention the CPU model and the OS

please let me know