Placing Pending Orders on Tick and on Bar

50 USD  Payment method:  Direct Payment


A small Code is required to be placed in another cBOT of mine. keep it Clean and with comments.

Pending Orders to be placed at the Start of the Day when certain conditions are met. Once the Pending Orders are placed, we monitor if any of the pending order is hit. We take certain actions when this happens.

On 4-Hour Bar close we again close the previous pending orders and place new ones. Pending Orders are placed at certain Pips Gap and with increasing volume as per user settings. Fix Stop Loss and Take Profit of All Buy Pending Order to be at one place and same for Sell Pending Orders.

cBOT will run on 1-Hour Chart time frame and at the same time will be monitoring 4-Hour candle also for placing and removing Pending Orders.

Please contact on " so I can send you the Excel File with more details or you can see the job at website (link given) and also download the excel file from there directly.

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