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Hi All.

I'd like to find a good developer who could realize following task:

- Input: MA Fast & MA Slow (e.g. 5 & 13), MA Type (e.g. LWMA, but EMA & SMA should be possible too), Trend angle (e.g. 10)

- Output: Scores (-7 <= x <= 7) of each major currency (USD, EUR, CHF, GBP, JPY, AUS, NZD, CAD) at the top/bottom of a chart

- Flow logic: Imo the only challenging part, should be the writing of a small function which determines the angle of two lines (Line1 = MA Fast of current period and MA Fast of period before, Line2 = MA Slow of current period and MA Slow of period before).

Afterwards it must be checked, if both lines are up or down (with the help of the trend angle parameter). Both are greater than tren angle = 1, both smaller than trend angle = -1, else 0 - but only if the considered currency is the base currency of the calculated currency pair. Otherwise the returning values must be reversed (multiplied by -1). << ... that means +1 and vice versa if both of the MA's are pointing downwards. If they are pointing against each other, different direction or are flat lined, thats equals 0 as we are most likely in a consolidation. ... >>

This function must be performed 56 times in total... 8 major currencies with 7 related major currency pairs (e.g. USD: EURUSD, USDCHF, GBPUSD, JPYUSD, AUSUSD, NZDUSD, USDCAD).

That's all :) Please tell me how long do you need for this requirment and how much your hourly rate (or overall price) is.

Thanks a lot.

Kind regards

diran76 · 8 years ago

Thanks for offering help, Bacha... but it's not required anymore - it's done.

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bachapk · 8 years ago


I already have currency Strength and MA Angle indicators for MT4, Therefore it is no issue to use same logic for your goal.

If the job is still pending then please contact: bachapk [at]

MA-Angle indicator:

Currency Strength Meter:




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alexmost113 · 8 years ago

Hello Dirk,

Let me implement it for you. I developed several cAlgo robots already.

With the best wishes,