Request for a simple indicator

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I am looking for someone who could code a simple indicator.

This indicator will draw four rectangles with a range determined by ATR on a specific timeframe from a specific time at a specific place.

Here are the settings:

1) the range of the rectangle is defined by an ATR set at 144 (exponential) from the 4H timeframe and take the value at the beginning of each day.

2) on the 15min timeframe, insert "fractals" indicator with a period of 11 and shift of 0.

3) plot two rectangles on the first two fratals formed from 3:00am (UTC+2). Note: for down fractal, use the low and high of the candle to anchor the low of the rectangle and for up fractal use the high and low of the candle to anchor the high of the rectangle.

Illustration below of what I would like to see:

Please do not hesistate to contact me if you need more information.

Thank you for your help!



Hi there,

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