converting tradingview script to ctrader

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res1 = input(title="Heikin Ashi EMA Time Frame", type=resolution, defval="D")
test = input(0,"Heikin Ashi EMA Shift")
sloma = input(20,"Slow EMA Period")

//Kaufman MA
Length = input(5, minval=1)
xPrice = input(hlc3)
xvnoise = abs(xPrice - xPrice[1])
Fastend = input(2.5,step=.5)
Slowend = input(20)
nfastend = 2/(Fastend + 1)
nslowend = 2/(Slowend + 1)
nsignal = abs(xPrice - xPrice[Length])
nnoise = sum(xvnoise, Length)
nefratio = iff(nnoise != 0, nsignal / nnoise, 0)
nsmooth = pow(nefratio * (nfastend - nslowend) + nslowend, 2) 
nAMA = nz(nAMA[1]) + nsmooth * (xPrice - nz(nAMA[1]))

//Heikin Ashi Open/Close Price
ha_t = heikinashi(tickerid)
ha_close = security(ha_t, period, nAMA)
mha_close = security(ha_t, res1, hlc3)

//Moving Average
fma = ema(mha_close[test],1)
sma = ema(ha_close,sloma)

golong =  crossover(fma,sma) 
goshort =   crossunder(fma,sma)

strategy.entry("Buy",strategy.long,when = golong)
strategy.entry("Sell",strategy.short,when = goshort)

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