cBot for strategy that uses price action/Fib/EMA

300 USD  Payment method:  via Upwork

I have developed my own strategy that I have backtested on Trading View, and would like to make it into a cBot so it automatically trades for me.


I have no idea how to do this, and may be difficult due to the number of variables I use. To give you an idea (this example is for a long):

4 Hour chart for direction: large impulse in market, followed by retracement to 38.2% fib. 4H candle close below previous red candle invalidates setup.

5 min for entry: when price action structure is bullish, and 10EMA has crossed 20EMA. Entry at wick of last red candle.

 TP at -0.21% Fib extension of the 4H retracement. 

Stop Loss: entry and TP are set, so SL is to be adjusted to wherever a 1:3 Risk to Reward can be made.


This may be very hard work, but your help would be much appreciated.





I can help you with your Fibonacci bot. 

Please contact sascha.coding@gmail.com



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