cTrader cBot - Basket Orders With Execution

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Dear Sirs:


I was hoping you would be able to provide me with
an full estimate for a new cBot for the cTrader platform.


+- 10 Working days, with flexibility.



Please refer to the attached .xlsx file, first.
The explanations below will be much clearer,
as it visually represents the request --

Note: The .xlsx file represent a possible visual
appearance of a multi-entry deal ticket.
(It was the easiest way for me to visually present my idea,
as a non-coder) 

The creation of a multi-entry, single, deal ticket (basket),
which is executed by a cBot at a specified time,
and trades closed at a specified time.





The .xlsx file visually demonstrates the purpose.
I initially though of using a .csv file for the inputs, however 
the format is too limiting.


We are used to opening a deal ticket for each trade,
but placing 18-28 trades at a specified time, in the market
is a extremely demanding.

Especially around session opening times.


The idea here is to be able to enter all deal requests
on a single ticket, prior to activation of the cBot.


[There is a cBot available in the community, labelled

- TimeOrder (MoeT) -


However, only a single trade can be placed,
and opening 18-28 cBots is impractical too.]


The idea is also to be able to have deal ticket templates.

For instance:

(1) FX Risk-on basket

(2) FX Risk-off basket

(3) Equities US basket



A cBot, if activated, will then place the multiple orders
in the market, and also close the open trades,
at a specified time, and then goes to sleep.



Error Log

Created immediately upon activation of cBot,
with warnings.

Executions Log

After the execution of the trades,
a log is created for record keeping.

Similar to creating a statement in Excel on
the cTrader platform, is acceptable.

A single log for: opening the trades, and the closure
of trades.



Hope to hear from you soon.


Please let me know if you require further clarifications.



Ben Swanepoel


Snapshots of the .xlsx document referred to above:


A proposed layout




A copy of above, colour coded for explanations




Explanations of snapshot 02, above



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