Kumo Breakout cbot

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What I want is simple. I want a cbot that opens a trade for each Kumo Breakout. The cbot needs to give me the option to modify the settings for Ichimoku Kinko Hyo. The cbot needs to open a sell trade ONLY when price pierces through the cloud and closes below it, and vice versa for a buy. There are similar EA's out there that just open a trade every time when price touch the senkouspanA\B (cloud), but that's not what I want. Again, price needs to pierce through the cloud and closes below it for a sell or price needs to pierce through the cloud and closes above it for a buy, the price needs to move couple of candles from the senkouspanA\B(clouds) in order for a sell or buy trade to be activated. maybe add option for me to choose which candle from senkospansAB(clouds) i want to use for a trader to take place. Later we can add other stuff.


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