cTrader RSI based bot with some extras

200 GBP  Payment method:  Direct Payment


I've been trading XAUUSD for the past 3 years, and would like to finally automate the system for this particular symbol.

I am looking to make an RSI based bot which would be based on:

  • set separate RSI levels for an entry on both long and short positions (with specified closing levels for both positions too)
  • limited amount of positions, not to have for an example 400 in a month
  • properly working stop loss and take profit 

I'd like to work with somebody I can trust with, and possibly make more projects in the future. 

Experience in creating bots required.

Please let me know if you're interested and can really do what I asked for and what's the price (I've set a random price in the advert so please let me know what's your value).


Hi. I can do that

Whatsapp: (+34)654 11 55 47

Telegram: @bienveP



I'm a software engineer and I'm working for several companies developing software systems.

For myself I develop Bot for several trading platfforms like cTrader, NinjaTrader or Tradestation.
I live in Germany and I think I can help you to solve your idea.

Feel free to contact me under markus.philipp@outlook.com or direct via whatsapp +49 151 18532902 to discuss the rate for your solution

Have a nice day