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paid  25 May 2021
    SMART GRID IS A EPIC SYSTEM IN CTRADER WITH MORE THAN 10K DOWNLOADS   Smart Grid Robot | Algorithmic Forex Trading | cTrader Community       This algorithm has been developed by a team that focused purely on making an efficient grid system that can be controlled with countless variables in money management. INTRADING CAPITAL WORK FOR DEVELOP THE BEST VERSION  OUR TEAM HAS DEVELOPED THE GRID FROM ITS BASES AND IMPLEMENTED RISK AND PROFIT MANAGER FOR OPTIMIZE THE ALGO   THE SYSTEM PRESENTS AN INFINITY OF VARIABLES. THE PROFITS OF A GOOD CONFIGURATION CAN BE SUPRISINGLY EFFICIENT   The algorithm has the following management functions:  Stop loss in USD and% Take profit in USD and Points Function wait x number of candles to restart the operation after the stop loss        THE GRID NOT GENERATE MARGIN CALL  MAXIMUM DRAWDOWN IN USD OR % CONTROL THE RISK AND RETURN THE GRID   WE DELIVER THE EXECUTABLE VERSION OF THE ALGORITHM FOR: US$ 29.00 TO BUY: IN GUMROAD UNDER THE PUBLICATION   TO PAY WITH CRYPTO CONTACT US: VIDEO: 20210523_173114 20210523_174721     BUY WITH BANK CARD IN GUMROAD UNDER THE PUBLICATION OR CONTACT US TO PAY WITH CRYPTO INTRADINGCAPITAL@GMAIL.COM                                                                                                                                    BUY AND DOWNLOAD HERE Smart Grid whit Risk and Profit Manager