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Last Algorithm Comments's avatar · 4 years ago

Matt - Uploaded a version with notifications.'s avatar · 4 years ago

so .... to make sure .... if white .. then truns red ... "Ping".. if red then white "Ping"?    Do you want to calculate this on the start of the time period only aka start of bar 0 or would you like to know and have this "Ping"  as the price action occurs's avatar · 4 years ago

lol... Just saw this. Yea I can addthat for ya's avatar · 5 years ago

No's avatar · 6 years ago

1. I'll see what I can do for you. How familiar are you with the HULL average and how weighted averages work. 

2.  Would you like to toggle between dots and lines or just a line?  Same color line for bullish bearish? Or did you have somthing else in mind?