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dilligent friendly coder. intraday trader

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Alex Neil · 3 years ago

susaulium  -  thanks for the comment. here is the answer - hope it will be informative to you and anyone else who has a misunderstanding.

Some indicators are simple and free - you can find and download here on the cTrader website. But there are also complex algorithms or someone's inventions - they have a price.

"The cTrader store is coming soon. Traders will be able to make purchases of robots, indicators and other services available at the store, directly from their trading account balance. Vendors will be paid into their dedicated trading accounts. For the ultimate trader experience, transactions between brokers are also supported." 

Source :

For now - you can purchase robots, indicators and other services - only through developers websites that offer their products without source code. There is no other way to save copyrights.


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Alex Neil · 3 years ago

Easy. Have done similar indicator before. Two differences:

1. my indicator calculates breakeven not separated, but for ALL buy and sell positions.

2. it also has scale to see profit loss at every N pips

3. it calculates ALL, commission, spread - no mater how many positions with different directions and quantity - it will calculate absolutely accurate breakeven


if someone is interested --->  ​Positions Profit Loss Scale on Chart

if there is wish to find not total breakeven but separate for buy and sell positions - can be done easily.  my contacts at the same link