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    @Robot for Trend and Range periods: Hi Astevani, thanks for the bot ! Actually in the last backtest with the suggested parameters , same period, it gives me the same result as yours. Testing it OutSample it does'nt work which means that the parameters are overfitted. 2 years test is not enough you should test it for minimum 5 years. Setting the Backtest and Optimization you should put the Commission to 50 and the spread to minimum 2 pips as you should reduce the impact of Slippage on real. With these settings in the same period the result is negative. I think that this bot in optimization will produce allways overfitted results as there are too many parameters which means that when you backtest it OutSample will produce drastically different results.
    @Multiple Entries Robot: Dear Waxy, thanks a lot for good job ! I think you should have a look to: //FirstExecute Order -  the Stop Mode                 if (Symbol.Ask <= _LongPrice && _LongX == 0 && _LCurrentTries < _MaxTries && !_LModeL)               ExecuteMarketOrder(TradeType.Buy, Symbol, _LVolume, _LLabel, SLoss, TakeProfit);........ should be:  PlaceStopOrder(TradeType.Buy, Symbol, _SVolume, _LongPrice, _SLabel, SLoss, TakeProfit);                  //Execute Order - Limit Mode                 if (Symbol.Ask >= _LongPrice && _LongLX == 0 && _LCurrentTries < _MaxTries && _LModeL)                 {                     PlaceLimitOrder(TradeType.Buy, Symbol, _LVolume, _LongPrice, _LLabel, SLoss, TakeProfit);                     ........... and so with the Sell mode
    @Golden Dragon II: Great Job Nobuart thanks a lot !!!
    @RSI Range Robot: ...Stop Loss not working !!! Please anyone can fix it ???
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