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@Allow the Line Studies and Tools to be placed within the Chart Toolbar area:  19 May 2022, 23:33

To allow for as bigger size chart windows as possible while using cTrader Desktop. I would like to see the ability to integrate the vertical "Line Studies and Tools" panel into the Chart Toolbar area as a horizontal panel and not as a floating panel but actually, either fully integrated into the row or to allow it to be snapped into place. I've attached a mock image to show what I mean. Obviously, the "Line Studies and Tools" icons would need to be rotated by 90° 

As you can see, all this area is going to waste.

@cAlgo User input parameters dividers:  25 Feb 2019, 01:41

Panagiotis Charalampous said:

Hi Chris,

This will come with v3.5. You should get the Beta version soon.

Best Regards,


That is great news. If possible, allowing icons that are in use throughout cTrader to be inserted before the input parameter label would be very welcome, it may make the line height higher, between each field but I think it would allow more rapid selection of an input field. But either way, I look forward to using this one day.

@cAlgo User input parameters dividers:  20 Feb 2019, 02:18

Spotware said:

Dear Traders,

Thank you for posting this suggestion. It has been added in our future plans.

Best Regards,

cTrader Team

Was this feature ever implemented? If it was can a link be shared on how to implement it?

@cAlgo User input parameters dividers:  22 May 2017, 20:13

kricka said:

ctid219968, thanks for suggestion this. Dividers will certainly clean up the parameter groupings for an easier understanding and explanation of what they can do. Should not be hard for Spotware to include this in the parameter attribute method in the next update. 

I'm glad you think that is a good idea. I have also added to the vote feature here

@A small bug on the Events, History and Optimization lists:  22 May 2017, 03:24

If you click on the first entry on a long list and press the up key and then press the down key the list will start scrolling down without the row highlighting. The same also happens at the bottom of the list, if you click the down arrow key and then press up the row will start scrolling without any highlighting. I hope what I said makes sense.

@cAlgo User input parameters dividers:  21 May 2017, 15:54

If your cBot instance as many user input parameters then the panel can become very messy real quickly. I'd like a way to add a simple divider, like the how the default instances symbol and timeframe input are grouped together and also add a group title above it again just like how the default instances symbol and timeframe input group has one.

I've attached a mock design of what I mean.

@Historic tick data for backtesting:  17 May 2017, 20:59

Hi, does anybody know if it possible to import historical tick data into cAlgo? I would love to be able to go back as far as 01/01/1978 like in cTrader day price view. If it is possible where could I get hold of the data? Could a tick data import from CSV file not be implemented?

I think full historical tick data is so important to backtesting and only being able to backtest from 29/01/2012 is not enough I find it hard to believe that in 2017 historical tick data is still only reserved for the big wealthy institutions!



@Any good books or websites for learning how to create cBots:  07 Feb 2017, 17:02

Hi, does anybody know of any good books or websites that talks through the process of creating cBots? And ideally show a variety of cBot types so I can pick and choose the features to include in my cBot. I know PHP and a little C but of course they are no good I know as cTrader / cAlgo uses C#. Will learning C# help creating cBots? I ask because C# is used for desktop applications and so it seems a bit of a waste to learn all of C# just to create a simple cBot.

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