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@Holy Grail 2015 ):  20 Jan 2017, 12:04

Jiří Běloch, a professional who knows the type of the profit curve may discern what is the basis of trade principle, I see you're not new to this so it looks like a trolling chat. Again - it's not a robot for real trading it is just entertainment for the tester. Like clearly explained....

@Holy Grail 2015 ):  18 Jan 2017, 00:55

file which can be seen here as the code it is empty so right do not matter at all ....... I see you have already downloaded here indicators you should be aware of this, and specifically fixed for you in the main file set no rights if there are suspicions.

@Holy Grail 2015 ):  17 Jan 2017, 14:10

Read above it's free to download the bot, not for real trading uploaded only for educational purposes, what these arguments ? want to look at the code well, then please understand for one permission ...

@PARAPLANE:  14 Jan 2017, 17:21

with time all will do, stay tuned   a regular lot  - I meant permanent, systematic, periodic, constant .....

@PARAPLANE:  14 Jan 2017, 10:41

Volume constant yes, but the drawdown isnt. You only get max equity drawdown in the test, try starting your system before a known drawdown period with $1000 and trading a standard lot. settings it is possible to trade differently, but to trade the 1 lot for a$ 1000 Deposit that's cool, this system does not imply such trade As you can curvfit a backtest to look better, you can also do the same to show the worse. of course for this and make bots With the results you show, I dont really understand why you arent a billionare yet with a profit factor over 21000 and a max equity drawdown of 15%. just the algorithm we have implemented recently Im guessing the average win of $0.66 says it all when trading a standard lot. Slippage and requotes in the real world will kill it, not to talk about feed loss and minor currency crashes. where did you get this information ? trading order 0.01, as you suggested, again, missed the movement in a single trade at times more Show us a live account that has survived over 1 year with a smaller drawdown than the initial deposit. how will this  history will publish + Wondering what and to whom you prove? Here, no one owes nothing to. But we like that you follow our development. Good luck!

@PARAPLANE:  13 Jan 2017, 11:21

This test shows the behavior of the algorithm and not profitability, since this test is not weighted the risks is trading a regular lot and 1000 Deposit, try to assume that Deposit more than 10 times that the system will also stop working ? Volume here constant ! Look at the test below as you ? The system is developed.  The important thing is what choices to make?! To trade and to risk or not to risk and not to trade ....

@PARAPLANE:  11 Jan 2017, 11:22

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paid  19 Nov 2020
DELTAPLAN - 2Way High-Frequency cBot​ The strategy uses a bi-directional high-frequency trading. Without the increase the volume, grid and martingale-type systems. For more information visit                                                     The strategy is based on successive cycles of buying and selling . Each cycle is created whenever the previous cycle ended. The cycles are alternated taking profit with minimal price fluctuations in both directions with a constant value of the volume. + Improved algorithm added logic for closing open trades, and risk management when the loss limit is reached. ​+ Also added a unique strategy for alternating fast and slow trailing. ​+ The coefficients of dependence on the Delta channel expansion on the maximum number of orders are introduced.
Equity Trail
free  05 Mar 2019
Use for arbitrage, correlation or a basket of trading pairs. Features:  - trailing basket of instruments simultaneously on equity and closes all open positions when the equity is rolled back by a certain percentage ​​What time frame and currency pair the robot can work on? Any time frame. Any pairs.   KRATX_SQUAD Sales & Marketing Email: Website: If you need this cBot, write us and WE SEND IT FREE or visit our cite.
paid  02 Dec 2019
The robot is based on three different strategies that work in parallel, use indicators: Aroon, MovingAverage, CommodityChannelIndex and WilliamsPctR. Trading goes both ways with a constant volume value and with different settings for buying and selling. The full version includes 3 strategies that are for sell and buy work on different settings that forms 6 trading channels.   All parameters can be optimized for each strategy separately, including or disabling the strategy, you can also set that was the order in the transactions strategies The robot is shows itself well on tested EURUSD/GBPUSD/USDCAD  currency pairs. Robot  can work on timefrime from 5-minute(more trades) to 1-hour(recommended) KRATX_SQUAD Sales & Marketing Email: Website:
Holy Grail 2015 )
paid  02 Dec 2019
Opposite trading, no any guarantees in real trading. Free! Test for example, icmarkets broker, GBPUSD from 01.05.2015, use Tick data, commission 30$ per Million,  and just enjoy ! you can download here
paid  02 Dec 2019
Paraplane - 2Way High-Frequency cBot​ The strategy uses a bi-directional high-frequency trading. Without the increase the volume, grid and martingale-type systems. For more information visit     Drawdown depends on the size of the Deposit and some settings