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@Performance: cTrader vs. MetaTrader:  17 Mar 2023, 12:02

Hi ncel01,

My UI has been kept the default one. I only use the automated tab to which I've added some cBot instances but these have been inactive in most of the tests I performed and shared. So, it is hard to believe this can be the problem. However, I would be really happy to see that this is the case and that, after all, there's a solution for this case!

Don't be surprised if this the cause of the problem. An instance creates a chart in the background, prices are streamed, bars are added to the chart, and memory is used which is not effectively released when not needed. 

All these goodies we get with cTrader come at a cost unfortunately.

In any case, the definite solution to this issue is the option to run cBots from a console, without UI. That will solve the problem once and for all and I know that Spotware is working on it. There was also an image that leaked with the specific feature. 

Till then I keep my UIs to the bare minimum when running cBots.

PS: Sorry accidentally logged in with my other account :)

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@Concerned:  03 Dec 2020, 09:06

It always amazes me how people always try to shift the responsibility of their own bad choices. You decide without any force and with all the necessary information in front of you to invest into a strategy managed by a nickname with a three digit balance that makes three digits % in profits every month using some martingale or grid strategy, you enjoy the ride as long as it lasts, but when the thing eventually blows up, you are looking for responsibilities at the platform or the broker. 

The whole point of social trading is to bypass somehow strict regulations, allow ordinary people to provide strategies and ordinary people follow them. Most of the available social trading platforms provide you with all the tools you need to understand the risk of the decision you make before pressing the button. If you need somebody to be responsible for your money and report to you, invest in a pension fund, not in social trading.

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