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@News Robot:  13 Apr 2017, 12:08

Allgotrader, I love this cbot. Can you please add this to trailing stop.  

@Martingale Robot:  05 Apr 2017, 09:19

I want to change the Posision multiplying factor from 2 to 2.5. I don't know programming but i changed the 2 in to 2.5 in calgo and compiled after i got two error massage  1. best overloaded method match for calgo .robot.martingale robot 2. Cannot convert from double to long Please tell me how to do that                 

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@Visual Strategy Builder:  19 Apr 2017, 16:28

Spotware said:

Dear Traders,

Thank you for your suggestion. We will consider it. Additionally, you can post your ideas/suggestions to

Please Provide us more advanced visual strategy builder Than Fxpro.

If you can please consider following thing when building visual strategy builder. These are just ideas, I don't know very well in programming.

1. backtest itself

2. Templates of Visual Strategies of Popular strategies

3. Source code converter between different languages

4. All indicators

Thank you.

@Virtual Strategy builder:  13 Apr 2017, 07:34

Please Provide Virtual Strategy builder  platform within calgo or without . It would help to traders who are doesn't know about coding and i think most of the inquries will be decreased by this.

Thank you.

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