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@Renko:  16 Jun 2017, 10:13

I would like to say sorry. Let me be celar. IT IS NOT A BUG, and this is a VERY GOOD indicator. But what i say is still true. there is boxes missing, and you should KNOW this before trading. i have traded with renko for a long time, and i did not know they build them in many different ways. The problem is not with tmc or his indicator. It was with my knowledge. However. It is VERY IMPORTANT, to understand how this indicator work before using it, because if you dont udnerstand it 100% it can cheat you with the illussion of how many pips the market has moved. I found out this can happen easy, because even tho there are many different renko indicators. they all look the same. So educate yourself first. I HIGHLY recomend this indicator, and tmc as a developer. He does very good work, and you can trust him. He dot work for me personally. best regards

@Renko:  23 May 2017, 14:47

This renko can not be used. It has a dangerous bug. All the renko boxes are not the same size. The problem happen when the color change from red to green, or from green to red. Example: i set the renko to 5 pip. And all the boxes are 5 pip. But on color change they are 10 pip becuase the open price is used. red = 5 pip red = 5 pip red = 5 pip green = 10 pip green = 5 pip green = 5 pip red = 10 pip This is a MAJOR problem. I can see i am not the first to mention this, and that the developer dont think its a problem. But if you set a renko chart to be 5 pips, then ALL the boxes needs to be 5 pip. The truth is everytime the color change, 1 box is missing, and this makes a trading problem. Especially if you use it with high pip setting like 20 or 50. Then you have 50 pips missing and it creates the potensial for double loss. I will be happy to pay anyone to fix this bug. Until its fixed, all should be warned about using this indicator. If you are a developer who can fix this, please contact me: larsonsteffensen (a)      
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