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@Black Corvette:  29 Jan 2014, 00:35

Why in the second condition you write this: MarketSeries.Close[index - 1] <= _bb.Bottom[index - 1] instead of that: MarketSeries.Close[index - 1] >= _bb.Bottom[index - 1] ?

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@Martingale type robot:  28 Apr 2015, 18:59

Hi Andy, 

take a look at this : /algos/cbots/show/3

@Optimization (Beta version):  17 Dec 2014, 13:00

Spotware said:

Probably the bottle-neck is not CPU in your case. We can recommend you to check disk, network and memory loads.

I'm using one of the latest instances of Amazon Elastic Cloud. It has 60 GB of memory and SSD.

What else could it be?

@Optimization (Beta version):  16 Dec 2014, 12:08

Spotware said:

It uses logical cores as well. You can note that resource slider allows you to change resources by fixed step. Number of steps is the number of cores.

And what is the maximum number of cores that can be used in cAlgo Optimization?

I ask that because I have recently tried an Intel xeon E5-2680 v2 with 32 Threads, and these are the results:

(1 year data [1-12-13/30-11-14] - 1m bars from server - Grid method- 700 combinations)

Elapsed time (32cores): 8min 54s

Elapsed time (16cores): 7min 51s

Elapsed time (8cores): 8min 7s

Elapsed time (4cores): 11min 55s

Elapsed time (2cores): 20min 39s

It seems that more cores doesn't mean less time, at least when you pass the 4 cores line.

@Min Volume of Symbol is 0.1 lots while Broker Advertise 0.01 lots:  09 Dec 2014, 09:57

Spotware said:

Dear Trader,

Please contact your broker regarding this issue.

I'm haveing the same problem with spotware cAlgo. Now I can only use 0.1 lots, instead of 0.01 lots as a minimum volume.

@Optimization (Beta version):  23 Oct 2014, 09:40

Spotware said:

You can adjust number of CPU cores used for optimization: http://help.spotware.com/calgo/cbots/optimization#resources

That resource slider changes number of threads used for optimization. 100% value means that number of threads will be the same as number of cores.

Is cAlgo able to use HyperThreading technology? For example, like in this Intel Core i7-5820K. Or the resource slider just recognize physical cores?

@Unusual big spike on EURUSD last night:  21 Feb 2014, 16:11

Spotware will clear this issue, I hope.

@Unusual big spike on EURUSD last night:  21 Feb 2014, 00:08

Marekfx, which broker do you use with your cTrader?

I have checked out three diferent brokers: FxPro, IC Markets and ThinkForex. The spike you mentioned only appears to me in the last broker.


@Backtest with tick time frames:  17 Feb 2014, 19:38

I've already tested tick charts in my cTrader. But I've not been able to backtest with any tick time frame. The platform says that this function is temporarily disabled. Could Spotware say if we will see this ability in a few weeks?

@Account Equity:  16 Feb 2014, 23:45

You can code a robot that prints every minute the account equity to the log. So you need to use 1 minute time frame.

protected override void OnBar()
   if (Positions > 0)
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