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@Forexfactory news feed:  05 Oct 2017, 09:28

Hi trend_meanreversion 

1. Time is forex factory server time is GMT-5 ,DST on 

I try to convert time to UTC+0 or changable value but I still bugs something , I don't have enough time to fix

If I add option like this finish will share again ^^

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paid  03 Mar 2023
Input parameters                       Links  contact us at  
paid  18 May 2022
This indy creates a Layout of the high and low of last week. It will useful to see support and resistance weekly. some users use in Market maker method too.  
free  17 Jul 2018
Add 5 Moving Average in one indicator  I think it may save time for 1 indicator with parameter  price , MA type , Line type , Line color. or you can edit more MA line with same concept of Ribbon moving average. Hope you will like this and can edit source code that you can apply or change by yourself.  
Colorful Volume
paid  02 Dec 2019
Download This indicator ==> (without sourcecode)   I change TicK volume in color and add Exp. Moving average in volume if Tick volume more than 2 times of Moving avergage , that volume bar will change to Green bar ( Price up) or Red ( Price down) if Tick volume between 1 and 2 times of Moving avergage , that volume bar will change to Blue bar ( Price up) or Pink ( Price down) if Tick volume less than 1 times of Moving avergage , that volume bar will change to orange bar ( Price up , Price down)     Download   see more indy at  
Alarm Trend Line Hit
free  23 Sep 2017
This indicator , I adopt from ( This alram Horizontal line) I change a llite bit to alarm Trendline hit  Input data 1. input Point1 - datetime and price 2. input Point2 - datetime and price 3. setting in chart  Indicator will draw line as Point 1 to point 2 and extend line to current bar. It will show distance pips between line and bid(or ask) when it hit . Notification will alarm. Goldclay PS: this link for Alarm Trendline Pro  * alarm by sound * alarm by email with attach file of screenshot chart. #sound #email #windowalert #screenshot #trendline
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