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free  27 Jun 2017
DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER DISCLAIMER!!! While we have been having some very good success with this Forex trading robot for cAlgo platform (a cTrader robotic trading platform) you must USE IT AT YOUR OWN RISK. It is not perfect! For the last few months we have been developing Forex trading strategies and so far, we are getting some pretty interesting results. In some cases, obscenely great profits! NOTE NOTE NOTE!!! We are not trying to sell you anything here, in-fact, you can download this Forex trading robot for free at the bottom of this article and try it for yourself. Our GOAL is to collaborate with the Forex community and other Forex programmers to work on optimizing and improving this automated Forex trading robot. In fact, that is the very reason we are sharing this bot with the community. It's not perfect, and we want to improve it. So if you have any suggestions, for how to improve this Forex bot, please leave a comment on our Facebook page, The Dot Millionaire, and like our page if you want to be a part of our community. We are making millionaires. That is our goal. Both in the Forex market and in other online marketing and ecommerce ventures. So tune in to receive and share tips. That all being said, this little Forex bot ran for 5 months in back-testing and returned a happy 1006% profit. So, we are calling this Forex bot, the Rasmussen Martingale Bot and this is version 4.0. You can download it at the bottom of this page, but first... some instructions: Here's how it works. 1. Automatic Lot Management The bot will automatically increase your initial starting lot amount based on the current balance of your account. So if you start with 1 initial lot, and earn 50% on your account, the bot will now be trading at 1.5 lots. It will scale up and down depending on how much your account has earned, but it will never drop below the starting amount. Theoretically: this will have a compounding effect over time (and potentially a very quick compounding effect). We have seen it happen in back-testing and it can be VERY powerful. The option to toggle this feature on or off exists. 2. Martingale Multiplier We seem to have found that a multiplier around 2.5 works the best, but play around with it. This variable will determine the multiplication of all martingale trades, so lets assume that you lose 1 lot, and have martingale set to 2, your next trade will be for 2 lots and the trade after that will be for 4 lots, and then 8 lots and then 16 (until the bot wins a trade and recovers any lost revenue). That is the theory behind the martingale effect, it's a loss protection scheme with the one major drawback: that over time, it will eventually fail and crash out the entire account. That's a pretty big drawback, but on the other hand, if you can run a martingale bot for 5 months before that happens, you could return some very serious profits, especially with the automatic lot management feature. 3. Shutdown Amount and Trading Cycle You will have the option to reset all bot parameters every cycle, the cycle can be an hour or it could be a year, it's entirely up to you. If during the cycle period the bot experiences a draw down on your account balance which exceeds the shutdown amount, then in order to filter out any potentially unusual days in trading, the bot can shut down all trading until the next cycle period begins. This feature can also be useful for back-testing a days performance at a time without being influenced by previous days. And quite a few more features, I'll continue this documentation shortly. In the meantime, play around and let me know what improvements you think might help. I have had some interesting results in backtesting. Not much live testing yet though. Attaching some screenshots.