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@Strategy Provider Question:  22 Nov 2021, 11:43

Ah I see, that makes sense. Thanks.

@Strategy Provider Question:  22 Nov 2021, 11:34


How come I need to create a second cTrader account with my broker just so strategy provider fees can be paid into it?


@Cryptocurrency Weekend Trading:  19 Oct 2021, 15:15

Oh, okay that's great, now I just need to ask my broker why they are still limiting it to 24/5 on cTrader while their other platforms (MT 4/5) are now 24/7.

@Cryptocurrency Weekend Trading:  19 Oct 2021, 15:08

Is it currently possible for brokers to enable weekend cryptocurrency trading via the cTrader desktop, web and mobile platforms?

If not, do you plan on enabling this ability in the future?


@Fixed colors please for buy and sell buttons (Quicktrade):  12 Aug 2021, 09:51

cTrader desktop user here.

Yes, fixed colours on the chart's quicktrade buttons would great.

@Please Please Please Vote : Prompt before closing chart:  08 Jan 2021, 10:02

Yes I agree 100%. This needs to be implemented as soon as possible. It happened to me a couple of days ago. Very annoying.

@Lock Vertical Scale & Unbind Keys:  04 Jan 2021, 16:45


Is there any way to lock and remember each chart's vertical scale to a user-set distance? I'm currently setting it for each chart everytime I open my platform.

Also, is it currently possible to unbind the mouse scroll wheel from going back and forward through a chart's price action?

On a separate note, I love how the platform now remembers how far to the left I've dragged each chart's candle countdown box.


@Customizable User Interface Colors:  02 Nov 2020, 10:12

Very good post, I 100% agree with everything you have said.

Personally, I wish I had the option to match the quicktrade button colours to my bull and bear candle colours and also an option for them to remain the same colour.

One constant colour for the buy button and another constant colour for the sell button. The continuous orange and green flickering from both buttons reminds me of a casino slot machine.

And it can be quite distracting when im trying to focus on the chart's price action. Yes, I could turn the quicktrade panel off but I use it as my main trade entry method.

@Customise User Interface Colours:  30 Oct 2020, 10:00

Expanding on your first point, I would also love the option to change the colour of the buy and sell quicktrade buttons to match my bull and bear candle colours.

@Chart scale in Pips in cTrader mobile for Android:  02 Oct 2020, 15:44

I would love to see this added in the near future.

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