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@Pending Order on ADX and MACD: Hello Thank you for sharing your work. I think line 76 for ADX Sell: if (i_adx.ADX.LastValue> 20) is: (i_adx.ADX.LastValue <20) Good trade !! cordially
@SK1 - 28 Pairs Volatility -: hi thank you for this great work, very technical ... it just lacks the opening of a command so that this robot is the most remarkable .... do you have an example or a piece of code adapted to your logic that allows to open and close an order automatically. cordially
@PAYBACK: sean.cappone: Because it is the same label ... I will modify the code .... you will be able to use it with several symbols, at the same time.
@cTrader cBot VPS Memory Manager: Thank you Paul I will try the adventure I will communicate the results @ +
@cTrader cBot VPS Memory Manager: hello Paul Does your instrument improve the optimization? Optimization often slows down the computer's virtual memory considerably. Your instrument improves the fluidity of a cbot that has opened a large number of orders (and which slows down all functions) for example to close in an instant 20 or 30 trades .... And finally, I have several computers and several brokers with different accounts a single purchase is it enough ...? with many thanks.
@weekly trading signal: Hi It is an indicator Have you an associated bot cordially
@PAYBACK: asghar250 multiplier OK !! better late than never.... Best regards
@PAYBACK: I returned !!
@Scaling In Bot: Hi, thank you for the code I added a indicator to automate the first order...  that helped to understand the operation. thank you
@ClickAlgo Dashboard Free Version: Hi Paul I'd be curious to test with full automation. I think you can create a basic set and offer it to everyone, (the operation on demo accounts only). Then everyone could adapt and buy according to their needs (for real accounts) ... I think you will have a high demand. I'll be the first to test a desired set of your creation and buy + if affinity ... Paul thank you for your work. Cordially    
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free  15 Jul 2017
15/07/2017 To meet the demand of many. I added the function interchangeable label, on the dashboard. You can work on several symbols at the same time, opening multiple instances. For example: first instance Robot Label ... "buy eurusd" .... second instances ........ buy usdjpy .... Or buy1 .... buy2 ... sell1 ... sell2 ... etc ... at your convenience ...   22/08/2016 volume change (lots) Adding volume Max. in automat mode if the max volume is winning or losing, the volume returns to the original volume. automate = false, the robot works up to gain ... or maxvolume (winning or losing). I added an option to StopOrder and LimitOrder. ("Martingale NONSTOP") ex: if Martingale NONSTOP  = true; if lost, the martingale works as previously ... ( change the direction Martingale + maxvolume) if Martingale NONSTOP= false; if losing = 2 pendigorders oco  (multiplied by martingale) .. and c is the direction of the market that decides  of the sell and buy order. (with maxvolume option) .Net profit (return Commissions) buy, sell, StopOrder, LimitOrder separately visible on the screen.   good trades.     14/08/2015 Adding Limit Order / martingale / oco... 12/08/2015:Adding stop order choose the direction:Start buy/Start Sell, multiplier,volume and TP/SL change the direction =true : ↗/↘:When SL is hit trade  in the other meaning. Start Automate =true : begins the cycle after each TP. ability to sell and buy together(separate adjustment) bottom right = net profit - return Commissions create two trades: buying and selling when a trade is negative, you win on the other. the martingale (non-random) reimburse the losing trades. that the market goes up or down you generate profits. Attention to the margin adjust the stop loss and take profit depending on the size of your wallet and your leverage good luck