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@Slippage:  11 Dec 2019, 11:04

Drummond360 said:

ClickAlgo said:

I think this would be a question for Spotware or your broker, sorry, I am unsure of the answer on this one.

No worries Paul, thank you again for your help, fingers crossed Panagiotis and co will post an answer... Hope you're well...

I guess I'll just use a limit order with an immediate execution as this would be honoured at the target price or better, right?

var targetPrice = Symbol.Bid

@Using cTraders chart items in a cBot:  06 Dec 2019, 18:56


I would like to refer to cTraders chart objects in an algo, specifically the horizontal grid lines at round number price points and the 'Target' line...

Is this posible? 

Thanks in advance..

@Slippage:  04 Dec 2019, 22:50

ClickAlgo said:

I think this would be a question for Spotware or your broker, sorry, I am unsure of the answer on this one.

No worries Paul, thank you again for your help, fingers crossed Panagiotis and co will post an answer... Hope you're well...

@Slippage:  04 Dec 2019, 13:17

ClickAlgo said:

Hi, Drummond,

I am pretty sure this has been documented, but it may be a little outdated due to many new features being added to the platform lately, take a look at the link below which covers the latest build of cTrader, the method you are looking for is ExecuteMarketRangeOrder.


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That's great thank you Paul, much appreciate...

Using ExecuteMarketRangeOrder seems a bit limiting to me, what if the re-quote is favourable? Am I correct in thinking that setting a range prevents the slippage for both negative and positive outcomes??!?!

Ideally we would simply state that if the re-quote goes against us we don't wish to place the order...?

@Slippage:  03 Dec 2019, 22:31


I can't find anything in the API regarding slippage. All slippage related posts on this forum are pretty old with broken links.. Does cTrader still allow us to set a limit for slippage?

Many thanks, 

@cBot competitions:  21 Mar 2018, 14:00

Hi All,

I'm looking for competitions for my cBots... I get plenty of invites to competitions but they're all for different platforms, are there any for cBots/cAlgo?

If there arent any... Would anyone be interested in joining a league?

We would basically take myFXbook data (or similar) for a live account (demo accounts allowed) and the top 5 performers exchange the code of their bots...

This seems like a great way to collaborate and network....

@Refer to last closed position:  18 Feb 2018, 14:37

Hi All,

I want to close all open positions if one position hits it's stop loss, the code below seems logical but I fear it is outdated... What would the current approach be?

        var lastPosition = Trade.Result.Last(1);
            if (lastPosition.NetProfit < 0)
                foreach (Position position in symbolSearch)

@‘cannot convert ?Double to Double’:  11 Feb 2018, 23:55

Ah that simplifies the whole thing! Thank you very much Markae...

@‘cannot convert ?Double to Double’:  11 Feb 2018, 12:21

Hi All...

I’m trying to use the Take Profit level of an open position to calculate the target price of a new Pending Order…

As cAlgo only accepts a take profit level in pips I need to convert the Take Profit value back to PipSize to make a price level calculation, but the error ‘cannot convert ?Double to Double’ is returned….

                     foreach (Position position in symbolSearch)
                        if (position.TradeType == TradeType.Sell)

                           // TP is converted back to pipSize for a price calculation, we need to set the price level as our low with the entry price being the high, this range will be the basis for our fib calculation
                            var TPinPipSize = position.TakeProfit * Symbol.PipSize;
                            // Then we subtract the TP value away from the open short position entry price to create a TP price level
                            var TPprice = position.EntryPrice - TPinPipSize;

                            // Then we use the fib levels calculation of low - gap * 0.161 to create an inverted fib level extension of High (short position entry price) and low (short posotion TP price)
                            var TargetPrice = TPprice - (position.EntryPrice - TPprice) * 0.161;   

Can anyone spot my error?!?! usually I would use print statements to spot any glaring errors but I can't even get it to build...

Many thanks,


@Is this cBot too good to be true?!?1?:  01 Feb 2018, 17:55

Nice stats! Might you be interested in collaborating? Drop me an email if you'd like to discuss? ian@3sixty.me.uk

markae said:

You said it already correct:

Drummond360 said:

In theory, if...

I'm sorry to say, that those backtests never represents how your cBot would work in a real live environment. There are a lot of other factors which need to be considered, for example slippage, execution delay, variable spreads and so on.

I have some robots which really works, but the backtests are looking by far not so fantastic. Here is an example of one of my bots for EURUSD (01/01/2016-31/01/2018, Commission of $3 per round turn lot)

And here my first forward test on demo with 3 of my cBots running on the same account (since monday I have it running on a live account too):

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