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@Golden Dragon: Hi @iRobot. Sorry, not yet. Other committments have kept me from being able to work on this for the past week. Gotta pay the piper for today before I can focus on the retirement plans again.
@Golden Dragon: Hi @iRobot That would be quite easy to implement. I'm currently working on an extensive re-write of the risk management side which includes stop loss settings quite similar to what you've described.
@Golden Dragon: @MRSV Thanks :-) Glad you got it working.
@Golden Dragon: @MRSV - Please read the discussion of this error a little further up in the comments.
@Golden Dragon: @fomega If you haven't already done so Build the indicators. Make sure to delete the original two references from the top of the Goldern Dragon.cs source file, and then click on the Add Reference button at the top of the editor. Navigate to your My Documents > cAlgo > Source > Indicators folder and select the BelkhayatePRC.algo file. Repeat this process for the Hull Moving Average.algo file. Build the Dragon.
@Golden Dragon: @fomega Please read the install instructions linked at the top of every robot and indicator page, and the instructions contained in the first paragraphs at the top of this page.
@Golden Dragon: I've added a sample gold recipe to the top of the page. It should provide a useful starting point for developing a more robust strategy.
@Golden Dragon: The backtesting performance hit comes from the Belkhayate indicator as well. Regression math is pretty processor intensive stuff, even for a linear regression. I've been considering building the needed parts of the indicators into the bot which would optimize things somewhat. Thanks for the thoughts on silencing the errors. I'll have another attempt at sorting it out soon.
@Golden Dragon: ...and if you'd care to share you EURUSD test parameters with me I'll take a look and see if I can reproduce the infinite loop situation. You can email them to me at info[at]nobulart[dot]com
@Golden Dragon: Hello @marthonGT. Thank you for the kind words :-) The error is generated by the BelkhayatePRC indicator during startup because, as I understand it, it doesn't have any data to feed back to the bot until the number of bars elapsed equals the COG period. I've looked for ways to suppress the error messages, but haven't put a great deal of effort into it because it doesn'y adversely affect the operation of the bot. If you (or anyone) comes up with a suitable means of cleaning this error "noise" I'd love to know how to do it. Thanks!
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free  25 Nov 2020
Markets are like twigs. When fresh and green, they're pliable. They bend but don't break easily. As they age and dry out they become more brittle and more susceptible to breakage when force is applied to them. When the twig breaks, a new green shoot is formed and the cycle repeats. This indicator anticipates when the twig is about to snap. torsion |ˈtɔːʃ(ə)n| noun [ mass noun ] the action of twisting or the state of being twisted, especially of one end of an object relative to the other. In mathematics the extent to which a curve departs from being planar. This indicator combines two independently adjustable polynomial regression channel and centre of gravity indicators (see. Mostafa Belkhayate), and a novel torsion indicator, which visualises the degree of stress between current market momentum and recent historical trend & volatility action. Put another way, it could be said to be describing the market turning moment relative to the market trajectory (market torsion). The output of the torsion indicator is displayed on the chart as the pink line (TAU). This indicator also includes, optionally, a pair of Hull Moving Averages, a Triangular Moving Average and Fractal Chaos Bands. Torsion is only calculated on polynomial regression channels of the second degree or greater. A well tuned Torsion Indicator can anticipate trend reversals with remarkable accuracy, as it crosses through the price action or one of the regression channel boundaries. Higher polynomial degrees increase torsion sensitivity, as do longer torsionPeriod values (which are normally effective in the 5-50 period range). The Torsion Indicator is the foundation of the Aurea Draconis cBot. A free demo of the cBot and backtest results using this indicator are available here. Trades, targets and stop positions can be triggered in the Aurea Draconis cBot as TAU passes though the price action, the centreline (1C0), or through any of the regression bands (1H3, 1H2,  1H1, 1L1, 1L2, 1L3) in either direction. As such, torsion generated signals can be utilised for swing trading, trend following, breakout, scalping and hedging strategies. cBot Free Demo : cBot Live Version : Timelapse Backtest : Some 1 and 2 year backtests run using this indicator and the Aurea Draconis cBot (full size images available here) : CHANGE LOG Version 4.3 (2020-11-11) Split the upper/lower band scaling into two independent parameters, longScale and shortScale.  
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