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DOMINGO · 1 year ago

the best SUPPORTnRESISTANCE indicator 

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DOMINGO · 2 years ago

this indicator is awesome is possible to add color to 






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DOMINGO · 4 years ago

jedimaster you are absolutely right on this 

" the indicator is using the next to come candle to confirm the trend change " 

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DOMINGO · 4 years ago

jsrep27  hi thank this indicator is okay the way it is and it does not repaint the signals stay where they appear, 

even though they appear behind because i have shifted the indicator  to -1 

the reason why i posted this inidcator here was so that we can improve it, 

jsrep27 i  is it alright to post that mt4 code here?

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DOMINGO · 4 years ago

i won't mind if anyone took this indicator and added alerts on buy and sell signals 

thank you!

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DOMINGO · 4 years ago

hi there is it possible to convert the ema to lwma?