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Astroke · 2 years ago

Works perfectly thanks!

Astroke · 2 years ago

Hi, wow nice work!

First issues i can't set 100% for Stop out lvl and my broker apply this setting. In any case very good idea.


Astroke · 4 years ago

Ok, There is no particular reason that his days have "weird" results. 


For the robot without without source code this can be a real problem because you dont know if you buy a robot with the pair history inside..... so in backtesting and optimization this robots can win many trade only because they have the history of the pair inside and when you use the trading system on real market the robot will fail....

buy a robot without source code and only on backtest is like believe in santa claus...

Astroke · 4 years ago



Can you explain this in your code?

  1.         {

                skipdate = new List<DateTime>();

                skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2017, 1, 11));

                skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2017, 6, 26));

                skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2017, 7, 19));

                skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2017, 8, 3));

                skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2017, 8, 24));

                skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2017, 9, 19));

                skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2017, 10, 25));

                skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2018, 1, 12));

                skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2018, 1, 25));

                skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2018, 2, 14));

                skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2018, 2, 15));

                //not over

                skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2018, 2, 16));

                skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2018, 6, 13));

                skipdate.Add(new DateTime(2019, 1, 2));


                serie = MarketSeries;

                stats = new Stats();


                rsiO = Indicators.RelativeStrengthIndex(serie.Close, RsiPeriods);

                rsi = Indicators.ExponentialMovingAverage(rsiO.Result, (int)(RsiPeriods / 3));

                dms = Indicators.DirectionalMovementSystem(AdxPeriods);

                ma = Indicators.MovingAverage(serie.Close, RsiPeriods, MovingAverageType.Simple);

                sto = Indicators.StochasticOscillator(RsiPeriods, 3, 3, MovingAverageType.Simple);

                Positions.Closed += PositionsOnClosed;

                orders[0] = null;

                orders[1] = null;

                multiplier = TakeProfit;

                //TakeProfit = StopLoss * TakeProfit;




Astroke · 5 years ago

Really interesting if only the depth of market of my broker was not faked

Astroke · 5 years ago

he's ok not the grail just ok. maybe you need to add some money management like lots size ajusted in risk % or add x lots per loose something like that. 

Astroke · 5 years ago

we need more info. he's only based on MACD? 

Astroke · 5 years ago

Hi, Thank you for your work. It would be interesting to see a linear martingal like

  • when you loose add : X lots.
  • when you win decrease by : X lots.

I cannot code but I have many ideas. If you are interests thank you for let me know.


Astroke · 5 years ago

Ty you are really fast :)

Bad news sound doesn't work for me

Astroke · 5 years ago

Really good jobs clear code. Thank you for sharing.

I've got a suggestion, can you add the sound alerts option?

Thanks again.