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Name:cTrader Team
Member since: 23 Sep 2013


We are a team of cAlgo developers and support specialists available to answer your questions as well as assist you with any issues relating to the usage of the cAlgo platform and the cAlgo API.


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@Indicate the crossing betwin two moving: You don't need to build it, just install it by double clicking on the downloaded file.
@RsiAtr II: Dear Traders, All algorithms that you download from cTDN are already compiled. Once you install cBot to the platform (by double clicking on the file) it is ready to be used. You need to compile (build) cBot only if you made a change in the source code. If you do not change code of the algorithm you do not need to compile (build) it.
@Position Stats: Your indicator cannot be opened. Please reupload it.
@Envelopes: Yes, you can specify AutoRescale = false for Indicator attribute
@USDX Dollar Index: Please use GetIndexByExactTime method instead of iterating all indexes. It will speed up your indicator.
@Golden Dragon: Hello, Those are actually warnings not errors. We will fix that in the future releases.  You can use the downloaded cBot without even building it. The new method of downloading and installing cBots and Indicators does not require you to build them unless you need to modify the code.  
@Ultimate Pivot Points 2: You may specify the timezone in the Indicator Attribute [Indicator(IsOverlay = true, AutoRescale = false, TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC)]
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Warning! Executing cBots downloaded from this section may result in loss of funds. Use them at your own risk.
Lines Trader
free  30 Jul 2018
The below cBot has been developed to demonstrate some of the new features of cTrader Automate API 3.01. The "LinesTrader cBot" allows traders to draw lines on chart which can be used a break out or retracement lines. If the price crosses a Breakout Line then an order towards the crossing direction is placed. If the price crosses a Retracement Line then an order towards the opposite direction of the crossing is placed. Note: The cBot currently works only on Spotware cTrader Public Beta which has been upgraded to version 3.01.