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    @Pending Order on ADX and MACD: Hi Patrick, thank you, Which Broker do you use? Thanks
    @Pip Candle Indicator: Hello, cant open it. CAn you fix it?
    @ZigZag + Fibo Levels: http://roboforex.ctrader.com/images/screens/Wygdn.png  
    @ZigZag + Fibo Levels: Hi. im missing the retracements lines?  
    @ZigZag + Fibo Levels: Thanks a lot for this Indicator, its possible to integrate a Notfication via Telegram. When the 100% is reached and the zig zag is closed? CAn you integrate a Buy or Sell arrow?
    @2VP - cTrader Volume Profile (V1.0): Hello is this with Notification? Can you make a Full Automate Bot from this? Thanks
    @IKEP's TTM: Hello Trial Version please! I can also make some nice PICs with profit to the Moon
    @Advanced Hedging and Scalping cBot: Thanks a lot, im doing backtesting and sometimes really good, but i have time which my Account gettin zero. Can you please add Stopp Loss? What Pait do you use with timeframe? Thanks Ian
    @Hedging and Scalping cBot: Hi, im backtesting with 0.01 and 0.05 PIPS but its the same Profit? can you please ad Stop Loss? Its also possible to make a max trade pairs? Thanks a lot
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    free  22 Dec 2019
    The Hull Moving Average (HMA) is one more alternative of an ideal MA that enables smoothing price movements with the help of weighted averages. The indicator was created by Alan Hull. HMA(n) = WMA(2*WMA(n/2) – WMA(n)),sqrt(n)) Thanks to Paul and Click Algo which develop it for me. I want to give you also this nice Indicator.
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