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@Copy-Trading for cTrader / MT4 / MT5:  05 Oct 2021, 15:29

I see the position is opened by an EA, if you try to open a position in manual does it return the same error? I need more information, come here https://t.me/ctraderguru

@Copy-Trading for cTrader / MT4 / MT5:  05 Oct 2021, 13:54

Hi @Miroslav I have posted a video showing the correct function. - Bifrost from MT5 to cTrader - YouTube Free support here https://t.me/ctraderguru and ask for Bifrost

@Copy-Trading for cTrader / MT4 / MT5:  29 Sep 2021, 10:54

Fixed , thanks for your support ctrader.guru su Twitter: "#Bifrost 1.0.7 (8) fixed little bug from MT5 to cTrader, thanks user "Miroslav" https://t.co/PwnvZNimwX #Update #Changelog" / Twitter

@Copy-Trading for cTrader / MT4 / MT5:  28 Sep 2021, 23:45

Tested now, work fine, please record a video

@Trend Master:  31 May 2021, 10:05

Hi @kenneyy_eur Trend Master is a very solid and stable cBot, the optimizations we share are very stable and I earn the right, however Trend Master can also be used as a #scalper depends on how it is optimized and what you want it to do, we are very proud to have created a very powerful cBot

@Trend Master:  25 May 2021, 09:00

...this is what happens when a customer buys and puts Trend Master to work https://ct.topfx.com/copy/strategy/27121

@Trend Master:  25 May 2021, 08:58

@gmkenneyy u can download backtest version, pay attention to the "Scarica la versione di prova o Patreon PRO" button, at the bottom of the page you will find a combobox where you can select your language and translate the site, remember only backtest or pay for full version

@Martingale Robot:  06 May 2021, 10:30

A strategy like this scalper found here Adrenaline with ctrader.guru technology inside, this week special offer, enjoy!

@Trend Master:  29 Mar 2021, 15:49

#TrendMaster 1.1.7 #Free #Preset https://www.patreon.com/posts/49343771

@Sarry:  24 Mar 2021, 11:41

@evgrinaus If you buy sarry you don't need a subscription and the license is lifetime including all updates @vikkygm86 the backtest was done with the exact server ticks

Last Forum Posts

@ZeroMQ Issue (can't import unmanaged 'libzmq.dll'):  24 Sep 2021, 15:22

I investigated and it turns out that with cannot insert or manage unmanaged libraries without a reference, even if I copy the library to the root directory it fails to reference that library.

I finally convinced my client that the best solution was NetMQ, I almost finished the project.

Thanks for your interest.

@ZeroMQ Issue (can't import unmanaged 'libzmq.dll'):  24 Sep 2021, 10:13

Good morning my friend,

actually I said that I have already loaded ZeroMQ "...I have loaded ZeroMQ..." but I can't reference the library "libzmq.dll" because ZeroMQ depends on this library.

I made some tests with console applications and I have no problem because I can put this library "libzmq.dll" together with ZeroMQ.dll but with cTrader things are complicated, if you are able to make a working example I would be grateful.

Regarding NetMQ I never had problems, in fact I was asking for help only for ZeroMQ because my client needs to work with that specific library.

Thanks again for your reply, the search continues....

@ZeroMQ Issue (can't import unmanaged 'libzmq.dll'):  23 Sep 2021, 22:21

Good evening friends,

I recently met a project that involves the use of ZeroMQ libraries. I was able to interface the communication protocol with MT4 and MT5 but with cTrader I have some problems.

Through Nuget I have loaded ZeroMQ which is a wrapper to manage 'libzmq.dll', the problem is that it is not possible to insert this library as a reference because it is unmanaged, even if I insert the library in the ctrader.exe folder I can not get results.

Do you have any suggestion?

ZeroMQ : GitHub - zeromq/clrzmq4: ZeroMQ C# namespace (.NET and mono, Windows, Linux and MacOSX, x86 and amd64)

@Exporting Optimizations Setups:  17 Jul 2021, 11:38

Congratulations for the constant updates, I would like to suggest an option that would solve many sharing problems, export optimization parameters.

It becomes impossible when a cbot has a lot of parameters and sharing them becomes impossible.

This option should have been included a long time ago, don't miss this opportunity.

@Exporting Optimizations Setups:  13 Jul 2021, 16:34

Congratulations for the constant updates, I would like to suggest an option that would solve many sharing problems, export optimization parameters.

It becomes impossible when a cbot has a lot of parameters and sharing them becomes impossible.

This option should have been included a long time ago, don't miss this opportunity.

@cTrader Community Member of the Month - May:  15 Jun 2021, 08:47

Spotware said:

Dear traders,

The winner of the cTrader Community Member of the Month award for May is Leonardo Ciaccio (@LeonardoCiaccio)! Leonardo Ciaccio is the owner of cTrader Guru, a company specialized on cTrader cBots and Indicators. At the same time Leonardo manages his own Telegram channel which focuses on providing trading signals and engaging with Italian speaking cTrader users. Leonardo is also a frequent contributor of custom cBots and Indicators as well as a participant in other community channels.

Congratulations to Leonardo!

@OutputAttribute "LineColor" change issue:  27 May 2021, 16:06

Hi all,

I have a very strange problem, in the following code I intercept the value of the LineColor:


        private T GetAttributeFrom<T>(string propertyName)
            var attrType = typeof(T);
            var property = this.GetType().GetProperty(propertyName);
            return (T)property.GetCustomAttributes(attrType, false).GetValue(0);

        private void DrawBestandWorst()

            if (_canDraw())

                if (bestCurrency.LastValue != 0)
                    var myOutputBest = this.GetAttributeFrom<OutputAttribute>(bestCurrency.Currency);
                    ChartText myTextBest = IndicatorArea.DrawText("BestCurrency", "BEST » " + bestCurrency.Currency + " » " + bestCurrency.LastValue.ToString("N2"), Bars.OpenTimes.LastValue, bestCurrency.LastValue, Color.FromName(myOutputBest.LineColor));
                    myTextBest.IsInteractive = false;
                    myTextBest.FontSize = 12;
                    myTextBest.VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Center;

                if (worstCurrency.LastValue != 0)

                    var myOutputWorst = this.GetAttributeFrom<OutputAttribute>(worstCurrency.Currency);
                    ChartText myTextWorst = IndicatorArea.DrawText("WorstCurrency", "WORST » " + worstCurrency.Currency + " » " + worstCurrency.LastValue.ToString("N2"), Bars.OpenTimes.LastValue, worstCurrency.LastValue, Color.FromName(myOutputWorst.LineColor));
                    myTextWorst.IsInteractive = false;
                    myTextWorst.FontSize = 12;
                    myTextWorst.VerticalAlignment = VerticalAlignment.Center;




It works fine, but if I change the color in the indicator parameters this does not change, the LineColor value is not updated

Here original project 

@Tweet via cBot:  07 Jul 2020, 10:16

 This project work fine 

@ChartArea DataSeries:  28 May 2020, 13:03

When i start a cBot and on Chart have for example a RSI how can get last value of this RSI ?

Solutions like this i hope :

  • Chart.IndicatorAreas[0].DataSeries.Last(0) 
  • Chart.IndicatorAreas[0].LastValue


@ctrader.guru for sale:  06 Dec 2019, 16:12

Hi all,

we are the first and only Italian reference for cTrader, we offer assistance in Italian and English for cTrader and for all our paid and open source products.

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