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@Error CT0002 Assembly must contain algo type:  21 Feb 2023, 17:03

as you were - just found another forum post with the same problem from last year 

Never mind, figured out there's a property that can be set which bypasses the build.

Add the below snippet to your library .csproj file:


Hope that helps someone else.

@Error CT0002 Assembly must contain algo type:  21 Feb 2023, 16:40

I am in the process of upgrading my codebase to `net6.0`

I have created some nuget packages containing utility code that I use across many indicators and robots. Under .net framework v4.x I simply referenced  cAlgo.API.dll.

However now when I reference cTrader.Automate nuget package under .net 6, these projects fail to build, giving the error above.

It would be a great help if you would separate out the API interface types into a separate package that can be referenced by any project.

@mac osx:  21 Feb 2023, 15:04

that's interesting - what's the stack? and it seems like quite a task to take on - are you planning to market it?

for cTrader themselves, now that .net MAUI is out, they could presumably rework their (WPF?) codebase into that and achieve native macOS support.

@Always Not Responding:  16 Feb 2023, 16:25

co-sign on this as well - have submitted info as requested via the dialog

I am running the latest 4.6.3 on arm64 macOS via Parallels. I deduce it's not a problem with the VM, as I have a couple of VS 2022 instances open and they and other windows are all fine.

System Info from Windows:
Processor    Apple Silicon   3.20 GHz  (4 processors)
Installed RAM    12.0 GB
System type    64-bit operating system, ARM-based processor

@Exception in cTrader:  16 Dec 2022, 15:30

Ok, seems extra memory wasn't it - just got the error dialog again. Strange thing is, it says please close cTrader, but you can just close the dialog and carry on.

@Exception in cTrader:  16 Dec 2022, 10:21

I have some helper bots for order-entry, but these are only short-lived, so I don't think they are the issue here.

Have upped the VM memory setting from 8 GB (auto) to 12 GB to see if this helps things.

@Exception in cTrader:  15 Dec 2022, 17:11

I keep hitting this exception message in cTrader

are you on it already as the message suggests - and if so, when can we expect a patch version?

this version seems generally a little unstable to me - charts freezing, indicators crashing intermittently etc.

I am running on Parallels on macOS, but cT has always been stable up until now.

@Error CT0201: Package 'XXX' is not supported.:  08 Aug 2022, 12:28


OK, thanks I was not aware of this setting - it was set to "Embedded".

All sorted now.

Many thanks.

@Error CT0201: Package 'XXX' is not supported.:  07 Aug 2022, 16:34

So I have some helper bots that I am trying to upgrade to net6.0. The actual bot project references a private nuget package, which has also been upgraded to net6.0. Everything builds ok in JetBrains Rider.

However when I fire up cTrader 4.3.9, it's showing the bot as broken and giving the above error when I try and build it from within cTrader, which is not the most helpful :)

Anyone got any more info on what the issue could be?

@Andrew's Pitchfork:  20 May 2020, 12:14

Yep, co-sign on this. Just copying the TradingView fork functionality would be a great improvement; so, adding Schiff and Modified Schiff forks (this is simply changing the location of the root pivot, which should be super simple to do) and then adding the ability to add in more parallels at user-defined percentage offset values.

example of Schiff forks on GBPUSD monthly powered by TradingView on

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