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@MACD Crossover with Colors (v2):  26 Nov 2018, 12:36

Hello and thanks for the indicator.  it is such a visual releif.. Can an alert, pop up box, be created for when the histogram croses the centre line?   Kind regards James

@Macd Bot:  01 Nov 2018, 14:49

I like the Macd but i can not code.  Would you mind addeding some code so that if the macd closes higher then it opened the sell signal will be ignored and we wait for the next long.  same thing the other way round for shorts.  Thanks in advance and thanks for this cBot

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@Adding a Crossover alert:  29 Nov 2018, 12:17

Yesterday worked a treat.  thanks for this indicator.

@Adding a Crossover alert:  27 Nov 2018, 23:20

Sorry for the late reply but thanks so much for the indiator  i will have it st up for open tomorow morning

Thanks again


@Adding a Crossover alert:  27 Nov 2018, 18:54

This is all a little beyone me...  I have downloaded the file at Nuget 18.68kb but i dont think i have the correct extension to install it with visual studio.  I then Tried the Google drive but i do not see the indicator there just a load of Dill files. 

I will keep trying but i am missing something.  Coding is not my thing...

Thanks for your help today though.

@Adding a Crossover alert:  27 Nov 2018, 16:00

Did you installed the library too?  This is what I am not seeing.  Where is the libruary?  I will follow the Nuget method once i have managed to download the libruary.

@Adding a Crossover alert:  27 Nov 2018, 15:49

afhacker said:

First install the library by following this instruction: https://github.com/afhacker/ctrader-alert_popup/wiki/Installation

Then for showing popup follow this instruction: https://github.com/afhacker/ctrader-alert_popup/wiki/Show-Popup

Don't forget to set your indicator access rights to full access otherwise, it will not work.

I think i am missing something.  i have downloaded and installed the Visual editor so i am ready to go with that but i can not find the download for the indicator at your link, https://github.com/afhacker/ctrader-alert_popup/wiki/Installation

Do i need to sign up to GitHub to see the library you mention?

@Adding a Crossover alert:  27 Nov 2018, 13:43

Thanks for the Link and the hard work.  I am assuming that i need to follow the directions posted on the October 14, 2018 @ 08:36

@Adding a Crossover alert:  27 Nov 2018, 11:08

Hello all.

I downloaded a Macd Indicator from this forum a couple of weeks ago which is visually great to work with but it would be so much better if it had a pop up box when the centre line is crossed by the histogram.  I have looked at many posts here but it is beyond me on how i would code it.  Is there anyone here that could add the allert for me?  

The code i am using for the macd is this below.

Thanks in advance.

using System;
using cAlgo.API;
using cAlgo.API.Internals;
using cAlgo.API.Indicators;
using cAlgo.Indicators;

namespace cAlgo
    [Indicator(IsOverlay = false, TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC, AccessRights = AccessRights.None)]
    public class MacDPositiveNegative : Indicator

        public MacdHistogram MacdHistogram;


        public DataSeries Source { get; set; }

        [Parameter("Long Cycle", DefaultValue = 26)]
        public int LongCycle { get; set; }

        [Parameter("Short Cycle", DefaultValue = 12)]
        public int ShortCycle { get; set; }

        [Parameter("Signal Periods", DefaultValue = 9)]
        public int Periods { get; set; }

        [Output("Histogram > 0", PlotType = PlotType.Histogram, Color = Colors.Green, Thickness = 2)]
        public IndicatorDataSeries HistogramPositive { get; set; }

        [Output("Histogram < 0", PlotType = PlotType.Histogram, Color = Colors.Red, Thickness = 2)]
        public IndicatorDataSeries HistogramNegative { get; set; }

        [Output("Signal", Color = Colors.Purple, LineStyle = LineStyle.Lines)]
        public IndicatorDataSeries Signal { get; set; }

        protected override void Initialize()

            MacdHistogram = Indicators.MacdHistogram(Source, LongCycle, ShortCycle, Periods);

        public override void Calculate(int index)

            if (MacdHistogram.Histogram[index] > 0)
                HistogramPositive[index] = MacdHistogram.Histogram[index];

            if (MacdHistogram.Histogram[index] < 0)
                HistogramNegative[index] = MacdHistogram.Histogram[index];

            Signal[index] = MacdHistogram.Signal[index];

@Bot stops working and we can not work out why:  20 Sep 2018, 11:02

Panagiotis Charalampous said:

Hi jjcolacicco,

The information provided is very general for us to give an advice. Can you share the cBot as well as explain what do you mean when you say it stops working? Does the status of the cBot change from running to stopped?

Best Regards,


The bot screen will show markers above and below. These are distances from the ma that update on bar. The limit orders track these on tick. When the bot becomes overloaded, the markers fail to update and pause. At 700 - 1000 orders Ctrader is slow, sluggish and unresponsive in spite of having plenty of ram and CPU power to call upon.

again i have been asked not to post the code because the code does not seem to be broken.  the platgform just stops working.  stopping at restarting the bot fixes the problem

@Bot stops working and we can not work out why:  20 Sep 2018, 09:29


A friend has worked on a logic and has had it coded which i am now testing for him.  For a yet unknown reason the Bot keeps pausing/stopping.

I can not claim to know the ins and outs of the logic but there is no reason in the code that would stop the Bot, there are no errors.  The server i am running is more than powerful enough to handle the code.

Is there something in the background that would cause a bot to stop working such as too much data being sent, collected etc or is the a maximum amout of trade that can be open at one time? To confirm the strategy has not been anywhere near the smart stop level either.

The bot trades in at Tick 10 so it can have many hundresds of positions open.

Thanks in advance.  If further detail is need please let me know

@Canlde colours matching MacD Histogram:  31 Aug 2018, 17:56

Panagiotis Charalampous said:

Hi jjcolacicco,

Thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately there is no such feature currently in cTrader.

Best Regards,


Ok thanks for Clarifying. 

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