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@New Proxies/Endpoints cannot connect:  27 May 2023, 07:20

PanagiotisChar said:

Hi there,

Just tried it using the sample application and works fine

Aieden Technologies

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I solved it.
It seems that to use the new URL, it was necessary to turn off TLS certificate validation.

@New Proxies/Endpoints cannot connect:  25 May 2023, 16:30

PanagiotisChar said:

Hi there,

Try port 5035. Looks like a typo in the documentation.

Aieden Technologies

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Error on port 5034: TimeOut
Error on port 5035: invalid peer certificate: CertNotValidForName

@New Proxies/Endpoints cannot connect:  24 May 2023, 15:55

The API Proxies/Endpoints had changed.

I decided to try the new one and changed the app settings, but could not make the connection.

Before the change:

After the change:

Was it not enough to just change the urls and ports?

@Want to know more about PROTO_OA_SYMBOL_CHANGED_EVENT:  18 Jan 2020, 08:37

When does the PROTO_OA_SYMBOL_CHANGED_EVENT event occur?

@I want to understand ProtoOATickData:  27 Dec 2019, 09:16

PanagiotisCharalampous said:

Hi bolatfx,

The first value represents an actual timestamp and an actual price (to get the price just divide by 100.000)

0 timestamp:1577428963249 tick:10950900 

The rest of the values represent the difference from the previous value. Let me know if this is clear.

Best Regards,


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Thanks, Panagiotis.

I want to confirm further,

1. Isn't it sorted in timestamp order?

2. Is the 0th element the last tickdata?

@I want to understand ProtoOATickData:  27 Dec 2019, 08:42

It is ProtoOATickData sequence contained in ProtoOAGetTickDataRes, but 0-th but is on the easy-to-understand timestamp and tick value,

I do not know the meaning of the later elements.

for example,
0 timestamp:1577428963249 tick:10950900 
1 timestamp:-100 tick:-100 
2 timestamp:-6035 tick:-100 
3 timestamp:-3907 tick:100 
4 timestamp:-289 tick:100 
5 timestamp:-1641 tick:-100 
6 timestamp:-100 tick:100 
7 timestamp:-200 tick:-100 
8 timestamp:-203 tick:-100 

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