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@Temporary Fair Value:  22 Jan 2014, 14:03

The MT4 version is ready, for whoever might be interested.

@Temporary Fair Value:  23 Dec 2013, 23:12

Updated with fixed calculation of past TFV-values.

@Temporary Fair Value:  22 Dec 2013, 00:45

It can only show dots in runtime and not in the past, as the past tick data are not available in cAlgo and cTrader.

I will update the indicator soon, so that in larger time frames it will make a better estimate of the past Temp Fail Value based upon the smallest available time frame.

@Golden Dragon:  20 Nov 2013, 19:33

... but love this one. Not because of the results, cause they're like all the results from all other robots: unreliable because of the need to use martingale.

But the wave pattern and the trading system really are nice and nifty coded. My compliments.

@Golden Dragon:  16 Nov 2013, 00:44

Got a lot of errors: Index seems to be out of range in Calculate.


@Robot_Forex:  22 Oct 2013, 15:18

This is a hedging robot that opens new trades based upon average values of other open trades.

It works fine on the main pairs in backtesting but it has a flaw: after and during the test you see beautifull results, but there can remain some open trades with ultra high losses, as it doesn't close trades with a stop loss. As soon as you add a stoploss to the trades, the results will probably fall dramatically, because trades are not in balance anymore.

Have not tested this live, but that is what the code teaches me. It has no real strategy than hedging. Quite a risk.

Last Forum Posts

@cTrader - Tick Charts, Advacned Take Profit, New TImeframes, Dot Charts:  07 Jul 2016, 13:05

In the youtube video , we see higher amounts of ticks. This would make cTrader interesting again.

@Flexible tick bars:  07 Jul 2016, 10:34

Why not make tick bars more flexible. I can now choose a number 1 .. 34 ticks. By offering a variable amount of ticks, cTrader offers a reasonable alternative for the range chart traders (like myself).

@Point and Figure:  30 Sep 2014, 20:58

Has anyone here made Point & Figure possible for cAlgo/cTrader?

@Public access:  24 Jan 2014, 00:30

modarkat said:

you can try

That is not what i meant. Just publish the data of one trade.

There is off course the possibility of making a MySQL connection, but i would like it much simpler than that. After all, all trades are also visible in cWeb.

Maybe the guys 'n girls from Spotware have an idea?

@Public access:  23 Jan 2014, 21:43

Is there a way to publish trade data via a URL. So that you can show how one trade, or the account, is developing, without giving people access to the trading account?

@Heiken Ashi Daily Candle to determine Trend:  18 Jan 2014, 20:37

MRSV said:

I think jeex is right. I think the dream robot for me would be the one you describe jeex. And when it got to step 2 you would get a image of the chart a option to take the trade or not on you phone. Only problemis that you can't trade when you sleep :/

That's the beauty of trading: within 18 months of saving all your profits and thus compounding balance, you can make enough profits in a day, to sleep for the rest of the week.

And until that goal is reached, trading 4 hours a day, 4 days a week (mon-thu) 40 weeks a year next to a part time job will be rewarded! Keep that up for about 18 months without making withdrawals and with a fixed balance percentage of 3% to calculate lot volume, and you will become a millionaire.

Guys: discipline is the key to success. Discipline in money management as well in trading strategy. Only make trades that are 100% according to the strategy, and filter out the bad trades by getting a good feel for the waves.

Charts are like stochastic music: listen long enough and you will absolutely hear the harmony and feel the rhythm.

@automatically close part of position and move stops to BE?:  18 Jan 2014, 13:05

I think after closing half the position you still need to set SL to BE:

private double calcBE(Position p)
            double totalCosts = Symbol.Spread + ((position.GrossProfit - position.NetProfit) / position.Volume / Symbol.PipValue);
            if (p.TradeType == TradeType.Buy)
                return p.EntryPrice + totalCosts;
                return p.EntryPrice - totalCosts;

and then modify the position with the calculated new SL of calcBE()

@Heiken Ashi Daily Candle to determine Trend:  17 Jan 2014, 18:49

oktrader said:

jeex said:

2. This is my job: making the right decision.

Hi Jeex,

I've been thinking about what have you said here. Don't you think that at  last you could code step 2? 

If you really follow a strong strategy and your free decisions aren't martingale based, you have to be able to code them. If you always consider the same patterns for "making the right decision", it's just a matter of time to finally code them.

Otherwise, if you can't code them, it means that your "decision" is more martingale based than you thought.

Nope. Robots cannot make decisions. Unless you want to lose money of course. The best robot i've seen so far with the best results, was one that opened trades fully and completely at random and had TP = SL * 4. So no robots for me. At least not when you want to double your balance every month.

@Heiken Ashi Daily Candle to determine Trend:  17 Jan 2014, 18:47

When opening the trade, i decide the maximum loss in pips, or by appointing one of the lines in the Ichimoku: Tenkan Sen, Kijun Sen or the max or min of Senkou Span A or B. The robot calculates SL and calculates the lot size, as that is my max risk.

The same way i can appoint one of these lines as TP, or i appoint a fixed TP and let the bot close half of the trade at that point, set SL to BE for the remaining half and let the bot trail the rest by modifying the TP to the appointed Ichimoku line level. The bot can repeat that scheme and half the remaining trade again. Usually the first profit + BE is taken at a fixed pip rate = fixed SL rate, then the second is taken at  crossing the Tenkan Sen, and often the third at crossing the Kijun Sen.

So i use Ichimoku to determine SL and TP, and a bit for determining the trade.

@Heiken Ashi Daily Candle to determine Trend:  17 Jan 2014, 13:54

Same aproach, different solution...

I use three bots for that.

  1. The first bot monitors all relevant pairs on specific criteria (like strong trend or strong reversal). This is where my TFV comes in handy.
  2. This is my job: making the right decision.
  3. A second bot calculates the volume and SL & TP and openes a trade.
  4. A third bot trails the trade, partially closes it, if relevant, all by modifying the SL and TP.
  5. The server closes the trade on the SL or TP. So no harm done if internet fails or the computer goes down.

This way psycho-actions :-) are mostly avoided. I do not have to stare in screens all day; only when my alert tells me to.

Finally it's my personal skills that decide on opening a trade. So no need of martingale calculations as my winning percentage is almost at 80 of the trades (and going up), where as my TP is always higher than my SL. The software does all the tedious work, i only surf the waves of the charts.

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Simplified Renko
by jeex
free  15 Jan 2014
For those who like Renko: Simplified Renko. It is time based, simply because cAlgo/cTrader are time based. Simplified Renko however does show what a real Renko Chart shows: movement in blocks of a fixed pip size. It shows clearly where area's of support and resistance are. In a real Renko chart all horizontal dotlines would be shown as one block only and blow chart would consist of no more than 10 blocks. If combined with the Temporary Fair Value indicator, you can clearly see where the battle between bears and bulls take place and where price moments gets most resistance or support. The yellow dots in below image are the TFV indicator.    
Temporary Fair Value
by jeex
free  27 Dec 2013
Where is the herd of Bulls and Bears within the candle? A candle does not show where most of the activity has been during the candle's timeframe. TFV does. TFV shows with 2 dots where the Ask Herd has crowded the candle, and where the Bid Herd flocked. As the Bid price is the heart of the candle, this  is the most important one. TFV shows the core of each candle: the Fair Price. Parameters are: Exponential – if set to 1, every tick weighs equal, if set to 2 (or higher), the most recent tick weighs double (or more), to emphasize the most recent price positions. Candle Heart – the center of Bid price activity. Candle Spread – the center of Ask price activity. Useability It can be used by robots that act OnTick, to avoid unwanted actions on a single and non-signifcant spike. Indicator for Temporary Fair Value. Straight or near straight TFV-lines reveal support and resistance lines. More reliable indicator for a swing high or swing low. Version 1.0.3 Notes: Corrected and added the calculus for past bars. TFV-values of past bars are based on smallest timeframe (minute), as past ticks are not available yet. Version 1.0.2 Notes: Changed the name from JeexHerd to TemporaryFairValue Special thanks to: Added ResultMovement[bar] = double.NaN; to the method oldCows(); Changed the parameter _exponential to double Version 1.0.1 Notes: Changed the calculus of the start of a new candle Removed Dutch language Cleaned up the code
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