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@Windows 10:  04 Aug 2015, 07:34

I originally did an upgrade from Windows 7 Ultimate and it may have messed with the application. I eventually did a clean Windows 10 install and now it works.

@cAlgo not launching on Windows 10:  30 Jul 2015, 19:28

I have tried re-installing cAlgo from several brokers, currently none of them will launch on Windows 10. When will there be Windows 10 support?

@cMirror commissions:  18 Jun 2015, 18:03

Spotware said:

Dear Trader,

We apologize for this confusion, it appears you were not aware that Signal Providers receive 70% of the fees which they charge their followers. 

In the upcoming version of cMirror this fact will be clearly displayed. 

The previous bug which you highlighted was fixed and you were correctly remunerated. 

Is there documentation anywhere publicly available for cMirror? It appears there is a lot of information left out regarding the payout structure; even brokers are confused. The cMirror Help Guide has barely any information.

@cMirror Questions:  12 Jun 2015, 20:20

Spotware said:

Dear Trader,

Thanks again for your questions.

We have a system in place which regulates commissions for this scenario to support cMirror's broker agnostic ecosystem.

Is there someone I can contact in private about this? I seem to be getting contradicting answers between you and my broker.

@cMirror Questions:  11 Jun 2015, 19:19

Thank you for responding.

1. How would this work if the signal provider is trading on Broker A while clients are trading on Broker B? This is big possibility since cMirror is broker neutral.

@cMirror Questions:  09 Jun 2015, 19:54

Bumping this thread so Spotware can answer.

@Answering Threads:  04 Jun 2015, 20:04

I have not seen a response from any official Spotware members in several months now. What's going on?

@cMirror Questions:  04 Jun 2015, 20:02

There doesn't seem to be too much information about Spotware's new trade copying service, cMirror and I'm not sure who to contact for further information.

I have several questions that I'll post here, I'd appreciate it if someone from Spotware could shed some light on this exciting service.

1. As a signal provider, how are the commissions paid out? Which party is in charge of paying the signal provider (broker or Spotware)? How long does it take for the payments to be paid? What are the details?

2. Where is the commission costs coming from? Is it padded onto the spread (inflated spreads or fixed charged from each clients' account)? Is the Master account affected?

3. What is the latency between Master and Client accounts? If the Master account is co-located to decrease latency, will client accounts also benefit from this?

Thank you

@Is it possible to count long and short positions separately in cAlgo?!?:  14 Mar 2015, 02:01

It's a lambda expression. 


@cAlgo Application Automation:  11 Mar 2015, 09:53

Has anybody tried to automate their cAlgo platform? Would be nice to be able to add/remove instances, load cbotsets, start/stop instances programmatically through a custom application. I'm still learning about C# hooking so I'm wondering if anybody else has done this and are willing to give a hand. 

Much appreciated! 

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