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@ArtificialIntelligence:  09 Dec 2022, 15:25

FAKE IA! there is absolutely NO Artificial Intelligence in this robot!   

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@Positions events visible in cBot only?:  25 Jan 2023, 16:50

Do they have to be in the same account? 

@Hi could someone help me port my code into a bot?:  25 Jan 2023, 16:40

Fix what??? 
there is no code given in the Question

@Bar close prices:  20 Jan 2023, 19:58

if(Bars[Bars.Count-2].Close > MovingAverageIndicator.Result[Bars.Count-2])
//do the trade

@Positions events visible in cBot only?:  20 Jan 2023, 13:36

It seems that the Positions.Opened,Positions.Closed and Positions.Modified events are only fired in the cBot that opened,closed or modified the position.
Can they be used in an indicator too?
Is it possible to catch these events in a separate bot/Indicator?

@Costum Indicators the cBot is using to trade:  27 Dec 2022, 11:56


add the indicator as reference (manage references)
Then alter the cBot Code to incorporate the indicator.
the way to do so is documented in 'sample cBot Reference SMA'

@#BUG - cTrader opens position in the wrong entry price:  27 Dec 2022, 11:52

A difference might be that you Buy(or close Sell) at ASK prices, not BID prices
The candle & wicks you see are made with BID prices only!

@Эмблема на графике:  09 Dec 2022, 15:19

Please post in English (use Google translate!)

Rightclick on the chart choose background and clear the field.

@SymbolCommissionType How to Use?:  09 Dec 2022, 15:00

The explanation of the real meaning and how to use are missing (surprise!?) on the SymbolCommissionType 
Anyone knows what they exactly mean????????????

@Comment properties can not be reached.:  09 Dec 2022, 14:13

Drawn lines used to have a comment property
Now, since the right-click menu, it's gone, also cBot comments can not be viewed anymore.
Nasty loss of functionality, or is there a way to see the comments/labels ?

@Template Order Execution:  09 Dec 2022, 13:57

Post the idea in  Suggestions

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