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Senior Software Architect/Developer (BSc Eng.) & Project Manager/Team Leader. Neural Networks (AI) Engineer, Quantitative Finance Researcher with extensive +25 years of experience in the field.



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@Pending Order on ADX and MACD: You may post jobs in the Freelance section.
@Pending Order on ADX and MACD: ADX shows trend strength, no matter of the direction.
@Pending Order on ADX and MACD: You want ADX to be greater than 20, so you know there is a trend .
@Pending Order on ADX and MACD: Your welcome! I am on FXpro.
@Fractals: This is how to use it in a cBot:
@cBot - Engulfing - 100% automatic: Wow, now I am impressed, engulfing pattern? wow!!! Now, that sounds extrmely sophosticated!!! Wow engulfing pattern, yeah!!!! But Still, if you manage to make your Tesla to drive races on the track 100% autonomous then maybe you will manage it to build up a 100% automatic trading robot :) Good luck mate!    
@cBot - Engulfing - 100% automatic: ...and exact this is an illusion. It is not possible, only on backtests because people tend to overbacktest. 100% automatic trading it is not possible. It could be done only with nueral networks using a model of millions and millions of nodes... and this will need the proccessor power of all proccessor worldwide and it will be not enough :) 
@cBot - Engulfing - 100% automatic: 100% automatic it is not possible, only if you are ok with 10% profit per year. There is not such a thing like 100% automatic. Bots are like the auto pilot on a plane, if can't fly manually, you will not even be able to setup the autopilot.
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free  01 Nov 2019
This is an enhanced pending order cBot. Instead of defining a price to enter the market, you define a price range where a trade may open. Order is opened when the current ask price is in the range defined and volatility and trend strength are picking up. You may set “Open trade on Start” to yes and the order will open immediately after you start the cBot. How it works The “Target TP” price used as take profit and the “Pivot SL” price used as the stop loss. Trade will open on the criteria bellow: If ask price is smaller than target price, buy order is opened. If ask price is bigger than target price, sell order is opened. Ask price must be between target and pivot price. “Distance from Target/Pivot” in pips defines the minimum distance between ask price/pivot price and ask price/target price. ADX value must be greater than 20. If MACD signal line cross above MACD line open sell order. If MACD signal line cross bellow MACD line, open buy order. Volume is calculated depending on the Pivot/SL price you’ve defined and the amount in your account’s currency you want to ris  
free  07 Oct 2019
This bot is based on ADX, Moving Average and Fractals indicator. It uses Fractal indicator to set TP and SL. It works on all timeframes and assets. Standard parameter working good for 1H EURUSD. Bot maybe be started simultaneously on several Assets.   ------------------ HOW TO INSTALL Download and install “Fractals” indicator: Download and install this very cBot: Refer “Fractals” indicator to “ADX Fractals” bot, see howto here:   ------------------ PARAMETERS SMA Slow Slow Simple Moving Average Period          SMA Fast Fast Simple Moving Average Period   MA Cross Max periods moving average crossed          ADX Min Value Direction Movement System Min. Value          ADX Max Value Direction Movement System Max. Value        Fractal Period Max Period to Calculate Fractals for the TP and SL          Fractal diff Pips to add to SL and subtract from TP          Min SL Minimum SL in pips          Max SL Maximum SL in pips          Min TP Minimum TP in pips          Max TP Maximum TP in pips           Volume Units Volume to trade in units      
paid  26 Jul 2020
NEW! Single Asset (EURUSD) Version now Available. TRENDpilot FX is a hedged open strategy quantitative forex trading Robot. ​The cBot implements a trend following strategy based on Fibonacci retracement / expansion levels, 25 major indicators, price action patterns and currency correlation.The cBot implements a rating system for over 25 indicators. ​Some of the indicators is been used:  ​Moving Average 1H, 4H, 1D. Periods 30, 50, 100, 200 Relative Strength Index MA RSI Average True Range Direction Movement Index Bolliger Bands  Stochastics MACD Line Awesome Indicator ..and many more Download Demo Version: