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@Algorithmic Theory:  09 Sep 2021, 18:36

Small operational bug fix, where the first line of discount area broken  should of been the second.  

@Algorithmic Theory:  09 Sep 2021, 08:23

if you want to reach out you can find me on telegram with same user tag

@Algorithmic Theory:  08 Sep 2021, 17:56

I has taken me five years of study in the charts and making lots of errors and still not perfect but learnt money management. Start your learning here .....................https://www.youtube.com/c/InnerCircleTrader.  

@Algorithmic Theory:  08 Sep 2021, 08:24

posted an update to FVG - SIBI / BISI which is worth a look

@Algorithmic Theory:  08 Sep 2021, 08:05

Yes you are quite right it can be a bit crowded, try changing some of the colours or use a light background. http://icmarkets.ctrader.com/images/screens/VzS3n.png Trades are very much based on lots off other factors rather than this indicator alone. Far to long a conversation in this area. Sorry

@BTMM Work Time:  27 Jan 2021, 08:45

Great update. There were some other parts from Steve Marors teachings we never got around to adding to the indicator  Like the floating ADR. CBDR and Flout. I have some of them as separate code, would be good to incorporate and make this a complete indi. DM me if you want to discuss.

@Chart-In-Chart:  28 May 2020, 11:39

Devman. Great Indicator BTW. Suggestion. Can it have a function using the current candle if the mouse is in the margin rather than over the candle thats printing. Also if say using the 5min window on the 1 hour chart can i see the candles of the last 3 hrs.
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Algorithmic Theory
free  14 Sep 2021
All programming credit must go to Mickey L . He spent ages on this and is a credit to the Ctrader community............ V2.0  Added - Visual enhancements and level 3 discount completion. V2.0.1 Added function to globally turn off the range boxes. Telegram link where you can ask questions and group ideas on algo theory https://t.me/joinchat/rsUe-EFWewsyOGRk This indicator is the final creation of lots of work which started with the BTMM. For all those people that believe price is being delivered by an algo then this indicator is for you.  The algo has to deliver a certain price by a certain time, for instance at London Open and New York Open. The Red / Green areas that extend are areas of Discount / Untapped Liquidity pools. The session boxes are very specific to Price action delivery and where they overlap is where you will see secondary discount areas and change over times. Load on GBPUSD and set your TZ to EST. Take time to study where price is before 00:00 EST and the Day of the Week Use it with FVG / SIBI BISI very powerful combo.                                           
Renko Volume Heat map
free  19 Aug 2021
This indicator colours the renko brick according to the volume.  Changing the upper and lower limits will colour the bricks a static colour. Whilst in between the limits will fade the colour according to the step count. Example is GU 1 pip     
free  08 Sep 2021
Update on how to use FVG on targets and IED.                   Wait for the SIBI to form then use the low or high to draw out the levels to expect a reaction. 2hr TF is best    The indicator identifies gaps between the open and close of candles and highlights where price has been offered on one side only.  The gap setting is best set at the overnight spread - ie on GBPUSD set to 11 pips min.  The Zone is best set to your particular brokers spread on that pair. HOW TO USE All based on the belief that price is being delivered by IPDA ( Interbank Price Delivery Algorithm). The algorithm is designed to offer price on both sides, this indicator is just a visual way of highlighting where price has only been delivered on one side. Tips: Leaving history on you will see that areas have an efficacy at the previous swing and if you are quick enough on the trigger can even play in the 1minTF. Best to use in traditional top down analysis TF, Weekly / Daily  / 1 hr. Credit for programming to Jiri @ Poshtrader.    Example settings for 1 min TF (GBPUSD )  
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