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    @Pin Bar Indicator: I would like to thank those who voted in my suggestion here:
    @QQE: So what happened? Did you update it? Please advise.
    @BTMM Template: I ask the same thing to the telegram group. Go there and find the solution. Sorry but you are right.
    @holy -\(*.*)/- Grail: Is there a moderator for algos that checks if repainters like this one? Spotware should stop all kinds of useless indicators.
    @SSL: Thank you
    @Trend Magic: Join the group and request the indicator you are dreaming about.
    @Stridsman Volatility Quality: This is nice. Join the Discord chat now.
    @Auto HeatMap: Thank you for building the VQ.   Let us all join his group chat.
    @Volume Analyzer: Let us all join his Discord group.
    @HADelta: This is indeed a fantastic indicator. Let us all join his Discord Server were friendly traders meet.
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    Pin Bar Indicator
    free  20 Sep 2019
    This indicator do not tell direction of the trend. In fact if the trend exist, this indicator may provide false signal. However, if the market is in the ranging state, this indicator will provide possible supply and demand zone. I did not code this except that I place an email alert. If you like this, Please Vote to my suggestion: Appreciate it.  
    free  16 Aug 2019
    I used 
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    Impulse Bar
    free  02 Sep 2019
    Please vote to my suggestion to increase the chances of implementation. Thanks. This Robot detects the impulse bar or candle and initiate an order. This is the best way to know where the market is going.  Decide how many pips should an impulse be. To know this value, open an ATR indicator. In this example of 1 month data of GBPUSD 1Hr, the market moves around during low volatility 20-30 pips estimate. We take 20 pips as our risk/stoploss. We input 85pips (estimated average) as our trigger in Range. When robot detects an 85 pips move bar/candle, it will trigger. As a rule of risk management, reward should be greater than risk. Therefore, Take profit is 20 x 5 = 100pips. Please vote to my suggestion to increase the chances of implementation above. Thanks.