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    free  24 Apr 2020
    Version: 1.0.1 - 24 April 2020 You can find this project on GitHub: // ------------------------------------------------------------ // //      A3 Cicli Hosoda with tollerance lines //      Versione 1.0.0 del 30/03/2020 //       //      Autore: Armando Brecciaroli (email: - Telegram:   // //      Questo deve essere usato su Daily TF! // //      Questo indicatore mostra i giorni ciclici di Hosoda: //      - la linea grigia è indicato il giorno calcolato //      - la linea rossa indica il giorno di minore tolleranza //      - la linea blu il giorno di maggiore tolleranza. // //      Premere ctrl e spostare il mouse per impostare la data di inizio (linea arancione). // //      Mercato: timeframe Daily //      Coppie: Tutte // //      Changelog: //      v.1.0.1 (Aprile 24, 2020) Cambiati i colori e aggiunta intestazione //       //------------------------------------------------------------ // //      A3 Hosoda cycles with tolerance lines //      Version 1.0.0 of 30/03/2020 // //      Author: Armando Brecciaroli (email: - Telegram: // //      This is to be used on Daily TF! // //      This indicator shows the cyclical days of Hosoda: //      - the Gray line indicates the calculated day //      - the red line indicates the day of least tolerance //      - the blue line on the day of greatest tolerance. // //      Press ctrl and move the mouse to set the start date (orange line). // //      Market: Daily timeframe //      Couples: All // //      Changelog: //      v.1.0.1 (Aprile 24, 2020) Changed colors and added header // //------------------------------------------------------------            
    A3 MARSI Cross Alert
    free  29 Apr 2020
    This indicator derives from the famous RSI-O-MA which is located at this link ( to which I added a sound "alert" that warns at each intersection of the two lines . The indicator is obtained with an RSI applied to an exponential moving average, with trigger. The signals of this indicator are not to be confused with the classic RSI, they are very different and give us the opportunity to evaluate the formation of new minimums or maximums in the price trend. This indicator was born from my idea of being able to have a very simple sound signal even if I am not right in front of the graph! Happy trading everyone and ... click "like" if you liked this idea, thanks !!! Support: If you have any question or issue with the product please contact me via telegram.    Parameters If you want this is an example of sound that you could use.  
    free  02 Apr 2020
    This is a multi timeframe indicator based on the most famous "Ichimoku Kinko Hyo". With this indicator you can have simultaneously on the same screen both the indications of the current timeframe and in overlay the lines that form in the highest timeframe. We recommend using the indicator on a h4 timeframe, the lines of the daily will be drawn on the same screen. The interface allows you to set all the parameters that draw the lines, both as numerical values and as colors and types of lines. The default values are already entered for the projection of the Daily timeframe on the h4 timeframe. The values for timeframes are expressed in minutes and are as follows: h1 = 60 h4 = 240 Daily = 1440 (default) Weekly = 10080 Support: If you have any question or issue with the product please contact me via telegram.  Parameters
    Warning! Executing cBots downloaded from this section may result in loss of funds. Use them at your own risk.
    paid  09 Apr 2020
    This cBot will close a basket of open trades on a specific cross (eg EURUSD or USDJPY, etc.) that are simultaneously present in the same account. When the collective net profit of all open trades, as defined by label, reaches a profit threshold a virtual trailing profit stop is triggered. Open trades are closed in profit when the virtual stop is breached. Parameters Before running the cBot, the following parameters need to be set up. The cBot Label parameter should match the label that the cBot opens its trades with, if it exists otherwise leave blank. The Currency Pairs parameter is a text box that can be filled with an unlimited number of valid symbol names e.g. “USDJPY, EURUSD, AUDJPY, NZDJPY, GBPUSD”. Spaces are stripped and invalid codes are skipped with an error message. The "Net € Profit Trigger" value, a virtual trailing stop is activated which will always be at value of  "% Loss (of Profit Trigger)" euros below the maximum profit reached for this batch of open trades.               Support: If you need this cBot you can contact me via telegram here: telegram The cost of this cBot is € 200 which you can pay with Paypal at the address that communicates to you.