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    free  28 Jul 2020
    cTrader indicator for the "20 Pips Daily predator" strategy on ForexFactory. https://www.forexfactory.com/thread/1011158-20-pips-daily-predator Get it for free (or donation) at: http://gum.co/predatorbox Predator Box (cTrader)  
    paid  24 Jul 2020
      This is a Multi Timeframe Moving Average indicator; it can help you with your multi timeframe analysis. The indicator makes it possible that you can change timeframes without your moving averages changing along, a much-requested feature. The averages shown are exact and no approximation, it looks clean and tidy. That is what sets it apart from the other indicators out there, get yours for a competitive price of $6.   Features include: • 7 different moving average types • 20+ timeframes (1 minute up to Monthly) • Change appearances (thickness, color, style) • Change visibility • ... Multi Timeframe Moving Average (cTrader) Default settings Customised settings Demo:   Buy here:  http://gum.co/ma-indicator  
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    free  28 Jul 2020
    cTrader bot for the "20 Pips Daily predator" strategy on ForexFactory. Get it for free (or donation) at: https://gum.co/predatorboxbot Email: kafeldom@gmail.com for source code. Predator Box Bot (cTrader)