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@Impulse MACD:  27 Mar 2023, 07:24

I believe you have a bug in your code on this line:


var histogram = typicalPrice.Result[index] > mid ? typicalPrice.Result[index] > high ? WeakUpTrend : StrongUpTrend : typicalPrice.Result[index] < low ? StrongDownTrend : WeakDownTrend;


It should be:


var histogram = typicalPrice.Result[index] > mid ? typicalPrice.Result[index] > high ? StrongUpTrend : WeakUpTrend : typicalPrice.Result[index] < low ? StrongDownTrend : WeakDownTrend;


 because if the typical price is greater than the high, that's "strong", not "weak" just like when the typical price less than the low that's "strong" too. :-)


@Half Trend:  18 Mar 2023, 16:38

Changing the "MA Smooth Type" parameter makes no difference on the output. Are you sure it's coded correctly? Just call up any chart and change it from "Simple" to "weighted" to even "hull".

Nothing happens.

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@cTrader on Windows 11 - not able to show any Custom Indicator:  08 Jun 2023, 14:24

ctid6182616 said:

What error messages, if any, do you get in the cTrader logs under the Automate tab?

I have received error messages like, "Crashed in Calculate method" or "Crashed in OnTick. Object reference not set to instance of an object".

@indicator Round Number:  08 Jun 2023, 03:22


You have to code it.

@ExponentialMovingAverage:  08 Jun 2023, 03:21 said:

To load a Exponencial Average mean i use: 

Result = Indicators.ExponentialMovingAverage(Source, 8);

How make to load a Exponencial Average with STANDART DESVIATION according to next image?

First, the "Shift" parameter has nothing to do with Standard deviation. The Shift parameter moves the results of the EMA either forward or backwards along the X-axis on the chart.

If you want a standard deviation, use either the standard deviation indicator, or the Bollinger Bands indicator. Both are located under the "Volatility" indicator submenu.

@File fail:  08 Jun 2023, 03:18

I'm not sure why you think adjusting your clock will fix your code from failing to build?

If you want help, you need to post either your code, build error messages, both, or don't expect anyone to help you.

@How to Add Choice for Source and TimeFrame on an indicator:  08 Jun 2023, 03:16

jacopotrono said:

Hi everyone,

what is the best way to add choice of Symbol and TimeFrame on a script?

Example: RSI on EURUSD standard + RSI on EURUSD about EURCHF for same TimeFrame

Thanks in advance

For different symbols, I do a simple comma-separated text input. In the code, I just split the inputs at a comma, remove any white space, and then get the bars for each symbol I want.

To allow a user to select a different time frame than what's on the chart, just create a TimeFrame parameter:

[Parameter("Source Time Frame")]
public TimeFrame SourceTimeFrame { get; set; }

and use that parameter when getting the bars.

private Bars _marketSeries;

if (SourceTimeFrame != null)
    _marketSeries = MarketData.GetBars(SourceTimeFrame, Symbol.Name);
    _marketSeries = MarketData.GetBars(Bars.TimeFrame, Symbol.Name);

@"cTrader has stopped working" - keeps throwing error when I close application, even after doing nothing:  07 Jun 2023, 16:17

Spotware said:

Dear firemyst,

Thanks for reporting this issue. Our team is working on resolving it.

Best regards,

cTrader Team

This has happened again in release 4.7.9 @Spotware :

And the logging information from the event viewer:

@Lot Size Us30:  07 Jun 2023, 06:42

ncel01 said:


I'd make it clear that Pepperstone doesn't support cTrader copy when suggesting this broker, since it is quite likely that traders are also looking for this.

Just for kicks, I looked around and found Pepperstone have partnered with TradingView now as well if anyone is interested. Information in the link. Not sure how (if at all) it interacts with cTrader.

@Indicator returns error: NaN:  07 Jun 2023, 03:39

Y1 is typically the first parameter that specifies a value along the Y-axis of the chart.

However, looking at your code, I didn't see anything wrong.

I then ran it in Visual Studio and there were no crashes or faults among 5 forex pairs and the US30 charts.

So what symbol and timeframe were you running this on?

@Focused textbox and hotkeys:  07 Jun 2023, 03:13

AlexFrei said:


I have one button for minimize this panel. If I click this button I would like to set focus to panel (or something different than textbox) programatically. But I didnt found any method for setting focus to control.

Thank you for your help


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