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@CT0001 Object reference not set to an instance of an object.:  18 Oct 2022, 01:51

yuval.ein said:

Important update:

I believe I was able to fix this problem by the following actions from Visual Studio:

Right click the solution > Manage NuGet packages for solution > Downgrading cTrader.Automate from version 1.0.3 to 1.0.2

I believe there's some sort of a problem with the cTrader.Automate and I am looking forward to hearing your opinion about the subject.

Thank you

getting the same error with 1.0.3 which was published yesterday, 17 Oct.

@cTrader Desktop 4.2 Has Been Released!:  18 Sep 2022, 23:18

Trading Session is buggy in this update;

Trading Session showing Wellington although Market has not started yet at start of the week.

@Build Error - Packages are not recognised inside cTrader 4.2.16 platform:  02 Aug 2022, 02:59

paolo.panicali said:

Thanks again for your input, appreciated. I have changed the compiler to 6.0 as per your post and successfully build inside cTrader platform. But "using Quartz" is still showing red line underneath and on mouse hovering show the below message. any thought on that?

@Build Error - Packages are not recognised inside cTrader 4.2.16 platform:  01 Aug 2022, 15:18

paolo.panicali said:

I necessarily have to use a net version >4 for a project, so what I did was a console App in visual studio and made the Ctrader Bot or Indicator executing it and catching the output value/s:

                string filename = "C:\\Yourpath\\ConsoleApp1.exe";
                var proc = System.Diagnostics.Process.Start(filename, text);

At least this is what I found out, maybe Spotaware team can provide you a better solution...


thanks for your input but seems like you are still on cTrader 4.1 platform. I have no problem on 4.1 as I mentioned in my post already.

My cTrader platform has upgraded recently to 4.2.16 which is using dot net version 6 and I'm getting the error since.

Waiting for spotware to respond with some workaround or a permanent fix

@Build Error - Packages are not recognised inside cTrader 4.2.16 platform:  30 Jul 2022, 02:47

Hi Team,

Could you please look into this issue. Third party Nuget packages are not being recognized inside cTrader platform and build shows errors. In VS2022 the build is successful without any errors. There was no such issue until version 4.1.

screenshot attached below

Thanks, keep up the great work 

Kind regards

@Chart Controls - Grid - GridLines Color/Format Change Option:  15 Oct 2021, 08:45

Hi Team,

Could you please add options to change Color/Format of Grid Lines in Chart Controls - Grid.


@Introducing Chart Controls in Automate API:  15 Oct 2021, 06:12

Hi Support,

Is there a possibility to change the GridLines color/format ?

var grid = new Grid(3, 2)
    BackgroundColor = Color.LightGray,
    ShowGridLines = true


@What's New in cTrader Desktop 4.0:  24 May 2021, 15:59

Hi Team,

HotKey Ctrl + W - Show/hide Tradewatch at the bottom 

At my end, Ctrl + W - does not perform it's function instead it Restore the ICMarket Window. Could you please see if that's the case at your end too?


Update: No issue with cTrader but it's the multimonitor software on my PC which has taken this key for window restore. thnx

@Day Light Saving Time Issue:  06 Jan 2021, 08:50

Hi Support,

cTrader has 3 Time Zones for Australia. Melbourne and Brisbane both comes under Australian Eastern Standard Time AEST but DST is not observed in Queensland/Brisbane but it is in Victoria/Melbourne.

Currently Melbourne has DST and clocks are set  to UTC+11 but cTrader is showing DST:False

Local Time Zone Name:(UTC+10:00) Brisbane Offset:10:00:00 DST:False

Is there a work around for this?


@Automatic TimeZone:  12 Jun 2020, 08:11

Hi Support,

Could you please advise two things regarding TimeZone within Robot/Indicator

[Robot(TimeZone = TimeZones.UTC, AccessRights = AccessRights.None)]
    public class TestRobot : Robot

1 - How to update TimeZone via code?

2 - How to update TimeZone to timezone value selected at bottom of cTrader platform?

would appreciate if you can share code snippet or an example


Kind regards

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