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@Huge Ram consumption with Range Bars charts:  11 Jul 2019, 10:14

Panagiotis Charalampous said:

Hi exane,

Thanks. 650 mb cannot be considered excessive memory usage. But we will double check.

Best Regards,


Keep in mind that 5 range bar charts was only for testing issue to NOT couse vps and pc crash. When I want to use multiple charts (40-50 charts), as cTrader is build to work with I can only stay with 3 day and I recieve any PC crash. Becouse the memory usage is growing to infinitive. This is the problem. Starting ram usage was about 300 mb for those 5 charts. For now the cTrader with multiple range bars is totally uselessa. Imagine I want to trade 70 charts and after every crash I need to REOPEN every range bar chart and collect new data with pageUP. Try it and you will find this is REALLY ANNOYING. Btw. I guess I gotta move to other platform, becouse of such softy help from your side and misunderstading of own software.

@Huge Ram consumption with Range Bars charts:  10 Jul 2019, 23:50

As you wish, next troubleshoot sent. If you want better problem description via cTrader ctrlaltshiftT, then make the troubleshoot msg longer then 100 charaters...
As well screen shot here, 3 days of working platform, 5 range bars, 650mb ram memory consumption still growing. 

@Huge Ram consumption with Range Bars charts:  10 Jul 2019, 07:04

Panagiotis Charalampous said:

Hi exane,

Did you send the troubleshooting information we requested?

Best Regards,


Wwhat is this thread for? I cant imagine troubleshoot after platform crash. Here I can paste screen shoots and continue problem specyfication. 

@Huge Ram consumption with Range Bars charts:  09 Jul 2019, 15:10

Also I have noticed that after weekend, when market is opening, and I was having opened platform through while wknd, ram is increasing drastically and the vps crashes. Vps provider told me that ctrader coused crash with peak ram usage. Noticed same thing on home pc with 16 gb ram and ctrader usage about 1,8 gb of ram. 

@cTrader RangeBars refresh bug:  04 Jul 2019, 13:06

The error of stucking occoured after next day gap, not for every instrument.

@cTrader RangeBars refresh bug:  04 Jul 2019, 12:05



@cTrader RangeBars refresh bug:  04 Jul 2019, 11:47

The problem isn't still solved. This problem occours randomly without any reason.The range bars just stuck. My platform was online throught all night becouse Iam having EA working with, and after night there was bars missing and not refreshing. I attach video for prove. The stuck dont concern every chart but some. Don't tell me about Ctrl+Alt+Shift+T becouse I did it. 
The problem won't be so big if I could normally reset platform and se previous bars, but the range bars are recalulated and they just dissaperas. 

@Huge Ram consumption with Range Bars charts:  02 Jul 2019, 21:23

I'am trading with cTrader range bars charts while having some alerts on it. I set alerts on many range interevals, and this costs me a lot of ram. While platform is working for some time and RangeBar chart is open cTrader consumes about 90Mb of ram for each chart. This is annoying problem even for computers with lot of ram.
If you could restrain this process it would be perfect. Please try juggle with ram alocating and combine it with standard disk memory.

Regards, Pete

@cTrader RangeBars refresh bug:  13 Jun 2019, 09:28

I'am using mostly RangeBars chart on cTrader. I have noticed that SOMETIMES the range bars chart just stuck and only price is refreshed without bars. Like in picture below. Also I have noticed, when I open range bar chart SOMETIMES it doesnt collect data proper -> I need to change intervals many times or reset the platform.

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